What to watch on Netflix during your three weeks away


Spring break means relaxation and not thinking about school. With at least two extra weeks without in-person classes, here are five movies and TV shows on Netflix that should be on your binge list.

“Derry Girls”

This show features five Irish kids as they navigate their teen years in the town of Derry, Northern Ireland towards the end of “The Troubles,” a conflict centered on ethnic disputes. . Despite “The Troubles” being set aside as a background occurrence, it shows a side of Northern Irish history that many Americans may not have heard of. Additionally, the characterizations of the five teens are much more accurate and relatable than most teen TV shows or movies with truly iconic minor characters. From the parents of the five teens to Sister Michael, a nun who teaches at the Catholic school the teens attend, you don’t run out of sharp Irish wit in each of the episodes.

“Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj”

This comedy talk show co-created by American comedian Hasan Minhaj explores modern cultural and political issues in depth while adding millennial and Gen Z humor into each episode. This show goes in depth on complex events or policies and breaks it down to make them understandable for the masses. It also involves the studio audience each episode which adds the hilarity to the show. Despite spring break being a break from school, it doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself on current events.


If a world similar to “The Lord of the Rings” was set in our modern world, this movie is basically what it is. It’s an urban fantasy movie set in Los Angeles that stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as a human cop and an orc cop, respectively. Both became involved in a conflict between LA gangs and an Elf trio when the police duo saved an Elf girl who’s able to hold a magic wand. In this world, magic wands are basically weapons of mass destruction and ‘brights,’ like the Elf girl, are the only ones who are able to safely hold the wands without disintegrating. The script does get mundane a few times throughout the movie but overall, it’s a fun watch. It does get violent so fair warning before watching it.


If you’re looking for a political drama that contains Korean royalty and a large hoard of the undead, this show is for you. Set in the Korean Joseon period, it follows the Crown Prince Lee who becomes involved in a political conspiracy/coup and is forced to investigate a mysterious plague that turns people into the undead with his personal bodyguard, a female physician, and a mysterious warrior. Since it is a Korean “zombie” movie, be prepared to see frightening and slightly realistic-looking undead hoards. Also be warned: you may have to read the subtitles to understand the show since it is a Korean Netflix show after all.

“Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection”

If you want to watch an animated movie but you’re “short” on time, this collection of animated shorts from Walt Disney should be your choice. Among the twelve shorts include “Frozen Fever”, “Feast”, “John Henry”, “Paperman”, and more. This collection contains different types of animations that has won awards including an Academy Award for Best Short Film (Animated) for “Feast.” A likely family-favorite to lighten up the mood for Spring break.

Enjoy the time off and happy binging.