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What to binge watch over spring break: Netflix edition


As March 16 approaches, so does the much-anticipated spring break. Spring break is a time for students to relax for a week in the middle of the semester and destress from all their course work and jobs. What better way to destress than by binging TV shows on Netflix all day?

Netflix has a huge selection of TV shows and movies to choose from, and sometimes choosing can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to branch out from shows like “Friends” or “The Office,” then here are five shows to binge watch this spring break.

Big Mouth

This animated Netflix original is a little weird, but it’s a good weird. Any show about puberty is bound to get a little awkward here and there, but the show is still funny and worth watching. The episodes aren’t super long and the story is easy to get in to, so it’s easy to binge the entire series in one weekend.

New Girl

This is a show about an LA school teacher who moves in with three random guys after discovering her boyfriend was cheating on her. The four of them have lots of shenanigans and “mess arounds,” and it is truly entertaining to watch them interact with each other and build their friendship. Binging this show is a great way to spend an evening, and if you get tired of watching TV, I highly recommend getting some friends together to play “True American.”


This historical drama might not be super historically accurate, but it is super entertaining. It follows the life of Mary Queen of Scots and her ladies in French court. The show does a great job of character development and there are lots of subplots that fit together like puzzle pieces in the end. You can’t help but admire how Mary maneuvers around all the obstacles and lies at court to do what’s best for her country, and you definitely can’t help but admire Catherine di Medici’s skill with poison. It’s a good show to watch, especially if you’re looking to get away from sitcoms or just really like looking at fancy dresses.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj

This is another Netflix original, and it’s pretty good. Comedian Hasan Minaj takes on global current event topics in a sarcastic and humorous way, but he is also very informative. Even if you don’t follow the news at all, he makes sure that you understand what’s going on so you can understand all his jokes. Another nice thing about this show is that new episodes come out every Sunday.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This show is absolutely hilarious. Kimmy Schmidt is a 30-something woman who was locked in an underground bunker for most of her life. When she finally got out, she decided to move to New York to try to make a life for herself despite not knowing how most technology or anything really works. She makes friends and they all get into absurd situations. You can’t help but laugh at the absolute ridiculousness of the show. Watching all four seasons in one sitting is easy, but figuring out what to do with your life when you’re done is hard.