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What to binge watch over spring break: Amazon Prime edition

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Amazon Prime

The countdown to spring break is on, and as that much needed break from classes draws near it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to do with all that free time.

If you have Amazon Prime, then you probably already know that it’s good for a lot more than just online shopping during lectures. Prime Video offers a variety of shows and movies to Amazon Prime members, and the hard part is picking what you want to watch. Here are five suggestions of shows to binge watch over spring break.

The Royals

This drama-filled show about a fake English royal family is so easy to get sucked into. It’s fun to try to decipher the truth from the lies and figure out who’s responsible for what. There are plenty of plot twists to keep you interested and the show does such a good job of character development, especially with the twins and Queen Helena. I just found out they added season four to prime, so I know what I’ll be watching this weekend.

Doctor Who

Honestly, this show is going to take a little longer than just spring break to watch, but it is so worth it. It’s a continuation of the original 1963 BBC series that takes place throughout time and space. There have been five Doctors since the series reboot started in 2005, and the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, is the first female regeneration of the beloved alien. Once you get past the cheesy special effects, you’ll fall in love with the Doctor and their quirky habits as well as the various companions. It’s easy to spend hours at a time watching the Doctor travel throughout the universe, meeting new people and finding new adventures. Allonsy!

Downton Abbey

Set in England in the early 1900s, this show follows an English aristocratic family and its household as they struggle to transition into a more modern world. When watching this show, you learn a lot about life from this time period without even realizing it and you become invested in the lives at Downton Abbey. It’s a really good show, but be prepared to experience a variety of emotions while you watch it.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This Prime Original follows Midge Maisel as she tries to pursue a career in the male dominated industry of stand-up comedy in New York in the 1950s. The fast-paced show is full of laughs as well as serious moments, and will have you rooting for Midge all the way.

The Twilight Zone

Who doesn’t love “The Twilight Zone”? Especially with the new series set to premier in April, what better time to binge watch this classic sci-fi show than over spring break? And if you really don’t know what “The Twilight Zone” is, then you may have entered the Twilight Zone.