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Welcome to "Hell Paso": A candid introduction reigns in Wetzel's new era

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Calf Fry Festival Friday 050.JPG

Koe Wetzel performs during the 2019 Calf Fry Festival at Tumbleweed. 

Koe Wetzel wants to change the country music standards.

Released this past Friday, Wetzel's new album, "Hell Paso," has been all the talk in Texas Country. Although he is considered country, many would say that this album strays away from the genre. Wetzel said that this album is “pulling out all the stops," and has a more alternative sound than what he is used to. With that being said, he does a great job of innovating a new sound for his fans.

Released as a single, "Creeps" has aired since Aug. 28. It’s a more rock and roll take on a sad country song. It is no wonder this song became a hit. "April Showers," another previously released single demonstrates the parallels between his new music and his 2019 album, "Harold Saul High." I feel like this song is a testament to him going back to his roots with edgy lyrics and punk rock sound. While being slower than the previous song, "Money Spent" keeps up the trend of a hard rock sound but this song is still very versatile. With similar sounds to William Clark Green at one point in the song, to even comparing what you would hear from Ozzy Osbourne, this song hits the target.

"Sad Song," another track teased on Tik Tok, generated a lot of attention surrounding Wetzel's remarks about a past relationship and was one of his top-tier breakup songs. He apologizes for his mistakes while firing a few shots at his ex's family. 

After blowing up on Tik Tok, "Cabo" also generated a lot of hype. As for the song itself, Wetzel used a mariachi band and it fits well. He sings of how a woman “got me for my money," “bloody dollar bills" and "trashed his place." I was excited about this song, and unlike most artists who tease songs that end up not being worth the hype, Wetzel exceeded my expectations with this song.

"Oklahoma Sun," "So Low," "Three Weeks,"  "Better Without You" and "YellaBush Road" are all your typical Wetzel songs — sad country. While still maintaining his rock and roll sound, he finds a way to make these tracks softer and more emotional.

Overall, I would rate this album 6 1/2 out of 10. It was solid, but not as highly anticipated and fruitful as some of his previous albums. Some of the songs seemed more like filler and less like bangers. I think that the songs he teased on social media were the strongest on the album, hence the reason he chose to tease them. As for the songs that went above and beyond, I think Wetzel did an amazing job reinventing his sound and I will have them on repeat.