Ways to celebrate Earth Day while social distancing


One way to celebrate Earth Day is to enjoy some time outdoors and have a picnic on your lawn.

On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans rallied behind Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) and took to the streets to protest pollution and bring attention to the environmental harm caused by unregulated industrial development. Fifty years later, Earth Day has gained support worldwide, but a global pandemic is forcing people to stay indoors.

People who want to celebrate Earth Day while staying safe have many options. Several institutions and organizations are hosting virtual events to commemorate the day, such as the American Museum of Natural History and NASA. But if you would rather not spend Earth Day on your computer, here are some ways to celebrate while still practicing social distancing.

Plant a garden with your family

Gardening is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. You can buy some seeds from your nearest gardening store and plant them. If you don’t have a yard to plant a garden, you can always buy pots and plant your garden in your windowsill. Just remember to water your plants.

Make arts and crafts out of recyclables

There are all sorts of crafts to be made out of recyclables, and the only limit is your imagination. Plastic grocery bags can be woven together to make a bathmat. Aluminum cans can be cut up and glued together to make a lamp shade. Bottle caps can be made into murals. Plastic bottles can be repurposed into a watering system for your garden. Repurposing things you might otherwise throw away is a great way to get into the Earth Day spirit, and you might just be left with a great artwork when you’re done.

Picnic on your front lawn

Although parks and trails are still open, going to public places can sometimes make it hard to practice proper social distancing. Instead, why don’t you make some sandwiches, grab a blanket, and picnic on your lawn or apartment balcony. That way, you can enjoy the great outdoors while staying safe. If you coordinate with your neighbors, you can all be on your lawns at the same time to get in a little social interaction, too.