Vacation Manor puts on SUAB-sponsored concert


Vacation Manor, sponsored by SUAB.

Vacation Manor, an indie rock/pop band out of Nashville, Tennessee, put on a concert at Oklahoma State University that had students saying, “Don’t Say It’s Over,” when it came to the final song.

The Student Union Activities Board hosted the band in the Student Union Theater on Monday night for a stellar performance. Performers included Nathon Towles (guitar/vocals), Jason Wozniak (guitar/keyboard), Dane Spearman (bass), and Cole Young (drums).  The band members said they were excited about the turnout and appreciate those who made this event so energetic.

“Tonight was really a ton of fun for us,” Towles said. “It was a really fun crowd.”

The members have a unique presence on stage because they are not only band mates, but also best friends.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” Spearman said. “But if you find the right people to do it with it doesn’t seem so hard. These guys are like my brothers and it just makes everything worth it in the end.”

The band started in October 2014 when they got together for the first time to compete in the Battle of the Bands in Washington, D.C. They won that competition and the band took off from there. Originally based out of Lynchburg, Virginia, the band is now touring in various areas of the United States.  The band’s latest album, Everything I Can Say Out Loud, can be found on Spotify.

The members give advice to aspiring musicians.

“Just focus on the songs and you can learn the rest as you go,” said Young.

“Content, content, content,” said Wozniak.

Mason Cable, a junior studying management information systems regularly attends SUAB events, and the Vacation Manor concert was no exception.

“This was the most lit moment of my life,” Cable said.

Gracie Szakin, a junior studying hospitality and tourism management is another regular at SUAB events.

“My heart had such a good time,” Szaikin said. 

Janice Zaino, a senior international business of marketing major and an SUAB volunteer, encouraged more students to participate in events like this.

“SUAB has a lot of events coming in, but we wish that more people would come,” said Zaino. “I mean, they’re free.”

SUAB hosts numerous events each month. Keely Bessirie, executive of the talent board, invited students to attend their next big event, the Murder Mystery Dinner on Nov. 29.