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Top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies of all time

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Disney Channel Original Movies

5. ‘Brink!’ (1998)

“Brink!” is a classic Disney movie starring Erik von Detton as Andy "Brink" Brinker, a true skater boy. This movie has all the ingredients to be great, from a loveable hero, to a douchebag "villain" that gets what's coming for him in the end. The plot focuses around Brink, a "soul skater" who is persuaded to join the dark side of skating, as he joins Team X-Bladz to help his family with its financial problems. However, after an in-line skating race against his old team ends with a former teammate getting injured, Brink decides he'd rather skate with friends for fun than for money. The ending was as sweet as could be, as Brink beat out Val, captain of team X-Bladz, in the final race, even after Val was caught trying to cheat.

4. ‘Cadet Kelly’ (2002)

This 2002 classic brought together two of Disney's biggest female stars in Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano. The movie places Kelly (Duff), a fashion-forward teenager, into a military school after her stepfather, Brigadier General Joe "Sir" Maxwell, is named Commandant of the George Washington Military Academy. Once at school, Kelly immediately clashes with Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone (Romano), as they both compete for the attention of Cadet Major Brad Rigby. Kelly's first few weeks at the academy are less than ideal as she is verbally abused and unable to keep up with the other cadets, leading to multiple infractions, such as painting Captains Stone's hair, which lands her in Cadet Court. She is then sentenced to clean and shine the drill team's shoes and uniforms. However, as time went on, Kelly began to enjoy the drill team, prompting her to try out and make the team as it prepares for regionals. All ends in jubilation as Kelly and Stone impress in their doubles routine after some hardship earlier in the day that I will let you go back and watch to see.

3. ‘Camp Rock’ (2008)

Camp Rock has a star-studded cast, headlined by the Jonas Brother and Demi Lovato. The movie is based around a gifted young artist, Mitchie Torres (Lovato), who attends a prestigious music camp. However, she must help her mother work in the kitchen, as they can’t afford the camp’s tuition. Once at camp, Mitchie quickly befriends Tess Tyler, one of the top singers at camp, prompting Tess to invite her into her group. Mitchie soon runs into Shane Gray (Joe Jonas), who is having a difficult time writing a new song until he met Mitchie, and his whole mood changed. The two immediately hit it off and Shane fell for Mitchie. However, their budding romance angers Tess, forcing her to tell the whole camp Mitchie's secret of working in the kitchen, sending Mitchie into tears and making her the laughingstock of the camp. Mitchie then picks herself up with the help of her friends and family and puts on the performance of a lifetime, showing everybody that she was one of the most talented singers there.

2. ‘Halloweentown’ (1998)

The movie that truly started it all: “Halloweentown,” starring the late great Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Aggie. Aggie is a witch by trade, however, her daughter Gwen doesn’t want her children to know that Aggie is a witch. Everything is fine and normal until one night Marnie and Aggie get into a fight. This leads to Marnie overhearing them and then following Aggie home to Halloweentown with her brother Dylan. Once they arrived in the town, they are overcome with amazement and fear as they lose track of Aggie and are lost until they meet Mayor Kalabar. Mayor Kalabar helps them find a cab driven by probably the best character, Benny the Skeleton, who takes them to Aggie’s house, where they finally find their grandmother. Aggie begins to teach Marnie about her witch abilities as they stay in Halloweentown. However, things begin to go awry as they are confronted by their mother who demands they go home. But before they can leave, Gwen and Aggie are frozen by the evil demon who has frozen almost the whole town. The kids then bond together to defeat the demon, who turns out to be Mayor Kalabar, who was trying to take over the mortal world.

1. ‘High School Musical’ (2006)

“High School Musical” was the jumpstart to so many careers, from Zac Efron to Vanessa Hudgens, as the 2006 classic exploded onto teenager's screens. Former sweethearts Troy (Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa) find themselves together as Vanessa begins her time at East High, where Troy is the school's basketball star. Their budding romance leads to them trying out for the school musical against Sharpay and Ryan, who are the stars of the school's show. As times goes on, their relationship begins to rub their friend groups the wrong way, leading them to all come together to break the couple up. At first, their plan works out, but as time goes on, they begin to feel bad and get Troy and Gabriella back together just in time for final call-backs. However, they had to enact an elaborate plan involving a power outage and bad chemicals to get them to final callbacks, where they eventually killed it.