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Top 5 best places to eat in Stillwater

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There’s no shortage of places to eat when in Stillwater. Everyone has heard of Eskimo Joe’s and Hideaway, but what are the five best places in Stillwater?

To best capture the essence of Stillwater and the college experience you have to keep it local. Stillwater has plenty of fast-food options, but the local places are even better, and affordable. 

Honorable mention: China Wok

One word comes to mind that perfectly describes China Wok: authentic. The service, great, the food, great and the affordability is perfect. China Wok is a great option for anyone, and the owner, Michael, makes the whole trip enjoyable. 

No. 5: Ron’s Hamburgers and Chili

Ron’s is a hidden gem of Stillwater. Located on Sixth Street just north of Perkins road, Ron’s has great burgers, and cheese fries. A good hamburger is always a must, but Ron’s sausage burger is another level. The burger is made of 50% country sausage and 50% beef, and earns Ron’s the No. 5 spot in best restaurants of Stillwater. 

No. 4: Granny’s

Nothing is better than breakfast, that can make you feel back at home, and that is what Granny’s provides at an affordable price. Located in downtown Stillwater, Granny’s  is a great place to get breakfast or brunch. What breaks Granny’s into the top five are their Cinnamon Rolls.  

No. 3: Eskimo Joes 

History. Eskimo Joes one restaurant that immediately comes to mind when someone thinks of Stillwater. The Cheese Fries alone would earn Joes a spot on this list, add in everything else on the menu and in the restaurant you have a spot in the top three. 

No. 2 Rancher’s Club 

No matter which meal plan you choose, chances are you will have extra when the semester begins to wind down. That’s the perfect time to go to the Rancher’s Club inside the Atherton Hotel. Great for lunch or even a steak dinner with friends or a significant other. Although pricey, your meal plan will take care of the bill. 

No. 1 Da Vinci’s

One style of food Stillwater does lack in choices in Italian, but the limited options are delicious. Stillwater does have an Olive Garden, but right down the parking lot is Da Vinci’s which is authentic Italian cuisine for a good price. Pasta, Pizza or any other meal on the menu is well worth the trip to the north side of town, which is what earns it the No. 1 spot in Stillwater.