The Storm Cellar offers solace from 'the norm' on The Strip


Students who tried their luck at The Strip after Bedlam on Saturday night faced long lines.

With some wait times of more than an hour on Washington Street, The Storm Cellar provided solace from the tried and true lines stretching the strip.

Having opened earlier this fall, The Storm Cellar is situated behind Coney Island and brags the only rooftop bar on The Strip. Shortly after taking ownership of Coney Island, Gary and Claudia Humphreys decided the bar scene in Stillwater needed to up its game. 

They hoped that the opening of a new bar, decked out with rooftop seating, a fire pit and wine selection (along with the usual bar selection), would raise the bar.  

Seated in the downstairs portion of The Storm Cellar, owner Claudia Humphreys spoke about their vision in expanding Coney Island to The Storm Cellar.

“We’ve been to all the away games for the last 10 years, and every other college town has an area that is family-friendly and appealing to go to,” Humphreys said. “It was time to bring it up to the next level.” 

The Storm Cellar achieves the quality, attractive vibe the Humphreys envisioned. Sparkling clean and covered in OSU sports memorabilia, the bar is far from the dimly-lit, sticky-floored norm. Accessible from a sidewalk bordering Coney Island, The Storm Cellar is double-tiered with an indoor bar and an outdoor seating area that leads up to the rooftop patio.

Seeing as The Storm Cellar is part of Coney Island, the bar also has full access to Coney Island’s menu, so customers can order chili cheese fries straight from bar. They are also dog-friendly and open to all ages. 

 “Because we serve food, we’re not a 21 and up bar,” Humphreys said. 

This means families with kids and 21-year-olds who don’t want to ditch their freshmen friends for the bars can hang out a while longer. Patrons can sit beside the fire, drink, play corn hole, eat Coney food, hang out inside or check out The Strip from the rooftop seating.

 “Our prices set us apart, our variety sets us apart,” Humphreys said.

The Storm Cellar also has deal nights such as “Wine Down Wednesday” and “Truly Thirsty Thursdays” when wine and Truly prices are even cheaper. Every night, shots are $3 a piece.

Loyal and true to OSU, the Humphreys are third generation Cowboys and are excited to have a part in upping Stillwater’s game. They don’t plan to stop now.

 “We just started in September, but we still have plans,” Humphreys said.

After working with OSU, they were able to put in a sidewalk running from The Strip to Ramsey Street near the Fourth Avenue Garage. Along the sidewalk and behind The Storm Cellar, they're hoping to put in some turf and tailgate-style games. They’d also love to up the OSU spirit even more with the help of some talented student artists.

“I would love to get with the art department and have them paint this sidewalk,” Humphreys said. “I’d love a massive mural up and down the sidewalk.”

With the regular football season officially in the books and the semester winding down, only two weeks stand between students and winter break. As dead week commences and graduating seniors face their last weekend as students in Stillwater, The Storm Cellar offers fresh-faced solace from the tyranny of final projects.