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The college freshman social experience

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There has been a rush of freshman for OSU's 2022 fall semester. There will be multiple workloads, long essays and tireless nights of homework ahead for them. But how will the college students socially enjoy their school? 

With being new on campus, some freshmen students find it harder than others to gain community with people, whether that comes from being on social media too much or simply not attending a school event. 

Parents of these students have also showed some concern about this issue. On Facebook, a group called “Oklahoma State Parents” voiced opinions or issues with the campus and one of them was because their child or “Poke” wasn’t making any friends. 

You might ask: “Why aren’t some of these students making friends?”Well, freshmen said that they're just shy and want to be secluded to themselves or that they're afraid of rejection.

“It’s kind of hard to make friends here," freshman Wyatt Phillips said. “Some people are secluded they like it to themselves, so they don’t want to get out and go. 

For others, it's the nature of the unknown.

“Honestly, I say it’s fear,” said Jade Macias, a freshman majoring in computer science. “That little twing of social anxiety that everybody has”. 

Though some students aren’t making friends, there are numerous ways that they can get out of their shell. OSU has a variety of events that take place on the campus with sporting events, an assortment of clubs and different regular school events. 

The Student Union Activities Board sponsors events for the university on a regular basis such as “Socks and Pops” and spirit walks that happen on campus. However, Phillips said that there are many events but the amount of freshman that attend these are at a low. 

Although there are many events that happen, it all must start with the person to come out of their comfort zone and take initiative to be social with the people that are around them.  

Just make conversation; it could be the simplest thing(because) they have no one else to talk to,” Macias said.