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SPOILER FREE review: ‘Avengers: EndGame’ might be Marvel’s best movie yet

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'Avengers EndGame'

The cast of "Avengers: EndGame" at the world premier.

After a year of anticipation and speculation, Marvel fans finally find out what it meant to be in the “EndGame.”

The Russo Brothers, along with Marvel Studios, has brought us the perfect ending to more than 10 years and now 22 movies of storytelling.

Now, before you read the rest of this, know that the less you know about “EndGame,” the better.

This movie is full of surprises and even minor hints at what could happen might ruin the experience. And that’s the thing about “EndGame." You have to experience it. It is more than just a movie.

With that in mind, I will do my best to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

Never before have I been through such a rollercoaster of emotions in a single movie. The Russos do a great job in finding the tone balance in what could have easily been a dark movie. There are equal parts comedy, drama, action and much more.

The writing is fantastic, and each actor is written to his or her strengths. Each character has a chance to shine and no one seems to be missing from this movie.

The acting, as well, is great. Several actors get to shine and bring new developments to each character. The standouts include Chris Hemsworth, Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, Jeremy Reiner and Robert Downey Jr. Every actor did a fantastic job.

This is a rewarding movie, especially if viewers are in tune with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the 21 movies that precede it. What audiences get out of this movie really depends on what they get out of the previous movies.

It is impossible get into the plot without alluding to the twists and turns that happen, but I will say this is a movie that feels as if it was made by fans, for fans. Whether this is your first MCU movie or you’ve seen them all and are in-tune with the comics, there is something for everyone in this movie.

Although the three-hour time of the movie might be frightening or intimidating to some, there is enough here that audiences should never be bored. It is a marvel to behold and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by seeing it as quickly as possible.

“Avengers: EndGame” is definitely Marvel Studio’s most energetic and emotional film to date, somehow bringing 22 movies and more than 10 years of storytelling to a dramatic climax. We may never see this level of story telling again.

When faced with 14,000,605 possible endings to this chapter of the MCU, this outcome manages to be Marvel’s best.