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Spoiler Alert: Game of Thrones season premier makes fans eagerly wait for more

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

Kit Harington and Maisie Williams in "Game of Thrones."

To be honest, I was disappointed that there were no on-screen deaths in the season premier.

Where it lacked bloodshed, it made up for with heartwarming reunions. 

The first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones made me eager to watch the next episode.

As the screen turned to black, I was ready to say "alright let's start the next episode." I soon realized that I was no longer binge watching the series and would have to wait seven days to watch the next episode.

This episode made me feel different emotions at the same time. To make it easier, I'll list some of the emotions that corresponded with each event.

  • Pity: for how the people of Winterfell looked at Grey Worm and Missandei
  • Joy: for when Arya and John emotionally embraced
  • Disgust: when Jamie sees Bran for the first time since paralyzing him
  • Frustrated: when Euron gets what he's been asking Cersei for since last season
  • Anger: for Cersei dropping an all-time quote and then does the exact opposite of what she said.
  • Sadness: for Sam when he finds out that his father and brother have been killed by his best friend's lover/queen/aunt.

Aegon Targaryen, also known as John Snow, is going to have one of the most difficult character arcs this season. Snow bended the knee to Daenerys Targaryen, but he is the rightful king of the seven kingdoms. 

Snow seriously wants to stay low on the totem pole, but other people keep probing him up.

He didn't want to be Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, but he was voted to the position. He didn't want to be King in the North, but other people named him that. Now, he is the rightful king of the seven kingdoms and this creates great problems. 

Does he tell Daenerys that he is in fact her nephew? We all know that taboo roams within Westeros, but does their relationship stay intact?

Does this create a feud between the pair that could turn deadly?

Snow's storyline creates many questions that fans will want answers to.

The battle between Daenerys and Sansa Stark has quickly become my favorite rivalry. I am team Sansa, all the way. 

Daenerys brought thousands of soldiers and two full-grown dragons to the North. How does she expect to feed all of them? 

There should have been more work into her plan.

Last but not least, what is wrong with Cersei?

She drops an all-time quote which should be featured on a t-shirt. Not even a minute later, she gives Euron the look and the rest is history.

How can Cersei say that then immediately backtrack? Especially with an arrogant, dirty Euron Greyjoy.

There are many more things I could talk about such as the relationship between Arya and Gendry, the rivalry between Arya and the Hound and the fate of Jamie Lannister. Once the plot lines thicken, I will delve more in-depth with these.

Expect more spoilers to come as I review all of the episodes.

And do not forget, winter is here.