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Snow Day Bucket List: Favorite Activities to Make Your Snow Day Special

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The excitement that arises when a snow day is declared is a feeling that occurs no matter a person's age. 

Like OSU, most Oklahoma schools and universities are facing an abundance of colder, snowy weather this week. Granted, most students still have virtual classes, but this unusual amount of snow means that many will be pushing aside their laptops to enjoy the crisp winter air. 

To make this frigid weather turn into a classic winter wonderland, here are a few activities to spice up your snow day bucket list.

First, build an igloo, snow fort, snow castle, or snowperson to share with your surrounding neighbors. If the residents near you are friendly, invite them to compete with you in a snow building contest. Loser supplies the hot chocolate!

Next, look up a recipe for snow ice cream and indulge in a little wintry sweet treat! Use snow from a clean, untouched area and collect in a large bowl, adding all the toppings you wish. 

Another activity outdoors to try is snow paint, which consists of food coloring and cold water in a squeeze or spray bottle. After mixing your paint, find the perfect spot for a snow work of art and begin creating your masterpiece. Be sure to take a picture of your work once you finish!

However, if an outdoor romp in the snow does not sound like an enjoyable time to you, there are still plenty of snow day activities to be done indoors. For example, making paper snowflakes while listening to Christmas carols -- even though it is not Christmas, we can still pretend, right?

Another thing to do indoors is to build a fort with blankets and sheets. Next, deck out the inside of your fortress with a ton of pillows and extra blankets to create the ultimate cozy hangout. Heated blankets or blankets fresh out of the dryer are a great way to keep you, as well as the inside of your fort, toasty warm. 

To finish off your perfect snow day, take a warm bubble bath or shower, then enjoy the rest of the evening with oven-baked s'mores and hot cocoa.