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Six out of “TENET”

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Think back to a simpler time when Americans packed into theaters to see “Inception.” Think back to that confusing plot. Compared to “TENET,” it’s as confusing as “The Three Little Pigs.” 

I’m reluctant to even put “TENET” in the category of film reviews. It’s not cinema. It’s just a rollercoaster ride happening in a movie theater. Perhaps that’s all Christopher Nolan intended. “TENET” provides for a great thrill ride in an IMAX theater, and raises the audience’s blood pressure from the jump. 

On that note, if/when you see “TENET” do see it in a theater, and bring it up a notch by seeing it on the IMAX screen. Watching it at home on a 65-inch Samsung TV will draw your eyes to your 6-inch iPhone screen scrolling through Twitter. The non-existent plot does nothing for the movie. 

To illustrate the bungled movie consider this: the main character, portrayed by John David Washington has no name. 

Without Washington, the film has little saving grace. His performance proved excellent and believable, for an otherwise unbelievable movie. A few twists at the end brought the movie together somewhat, but ultimately, I was unimpressed and still questioning many plot points. 

Additionally, rap fans can look forward to hearing Travis Scott’s new single “The Plan,” written just for the film. 

The purpose of this review is not to drive you away from the theater. The spectacle is fun and allows you to take your mind off COVID for 2 and 1/2 hours. With a $225 million budget, there has to be something to watch. 

Get out of your house, throw on your mask, buy a ticket to “TENET,” and #SaveYourCinema.