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Shoe trends in 2017

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Platform booties

Trends are ever-changing, and shoe trends are no exception. Shoes can completely change the vibe of any outfit, and a good pair can make an outfit complete. So if there’s any trend to pay attention to, it’s shoe trends.

The best shoe trends for this spring focus on comfort, versatility and affordability. So whether you’re walking to campus or to a party, there’s a trend for every occasion that won’t break the bank.

Trends from the 90s have come back full force from crop tops to choker necklaces and now to platform shoes. Platform sneakers and sandals can be found in almost any popular retail store these days.

They are nearly the same height in the toes as in the heels, so platforms are great because they give you the height without the pain. The perks of platforms are many. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also trendy and generally affordable. 

The comfort trend doesn’t end with platforms. Slide-on sandals have had major upgrades over this past year.

They’re no longer seen as shoes that are only appropriate for the poolside. You can now find slide-on sandals that are adorned with chains, studs and the hottest trend at the moment: faux fur.

Faux fur, slide-on sandals have been spotted on the feet of even the most fashionable celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. Slide-on sandals similar to the ones your favorite celebrities wear are now available at many popular retail stores. They’re the perfect way to look like a fashionista who doesn’t try too hard.

This next trend is perfect for you if you’re fond of a more minimalistic look: transparent heels. Gone are the days of having to color-coordinate your shoes with your outfits.

This trend allows you to buy one pair of shoes that goes with every single one of your outfits. The transparent heel first became popular when Kanye West debuted a pair for a whopping $495 in his YEEZY Season 2 collection. Luckily, more affordable brands caught wind of the trend, and now you can get a pair for as little as $40.

The good thing about the shoe trends of this spring is they’re all practical options. All of them are affordable, comfortable and stylish, so even if there comes a day when they’re not “on trend” anymore, they’re still cute.

And we can all agree that cute is always in style.