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Shake Smart is the Student Union's smartest option

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Shake Smart

Shake Smart is one of the newer restaurant in the Student Union.

Shake Smart replaced Jamba Juice in the Student Union earlier this month and already exceeds expectations. 

Two college students started Shake Smart because they found difficulty in finding healthy and accessible food options while living the “college on-the-go lifestyle.” OSU’s newly-opened Shake Smart is one of only 21 locations across the nation. 

Shake Smart is dedicated to fruits, vegetables and high-quality whey isolates. The company offers vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options, while also fully believing in the “power of protein.” 

Being a vegetarian, I was very excited to hear about this new and healthy food option on campus. While being vegetarian and eating healthy don’t necessarily correlate, these healthier options often have a more dietary-friendly menu.

Upon my arrival, I immediately noticed the bright and natural aesthetic that Shake Smart was going for. While the student union itself was fairly dark, this specific vendor had glowing white walls and pictures that can make your mouth water. It almost felt that Shake Smart was “too good” for its surroundings.

As for the menu, there were so many items to choose from. From “classic” shakes, to “specialty” shakes, to the “greens and veggies”  and “exotic” ones, too. 

It took me quite a few minutes to decide on what I wanted, but I ended up ordering the Pink Cadillac shake and the original acai bowl. 

To begin, protein shakes have never really been my thing. To me, the taste of the protein powder usually dominates over the other ingredients, and makes the drink less enjoyable. 

However, to my surprise, this shake wasn't like that. Yes, the protein flavor was definitely noticeable, however I was able to enjoy the entirety of the creation, and not just the one flavor.

And to be honest, the name “Pink Cadillac” was a perfect fit. When my order was ready to pick up, I saw the brightest shade of pink sitting in that cup. I knew the pitaya would be the main source of color, but I was truly not expecting it to be so vibrant. 

As for the acai bowl, that’s when I truly knew I would be coming back. 

In my hometown, there are plenty of places to get acai bowls, but the prices usually go anywhere between $8 to $12. At Shake Smart, you can get a bowl in the $6 range, which is much more affordable for the typical college student budget.

Because of the prices and the convenience, I would recommend Shake Smart to anyone. Shake Smart is exactly what you’re looking for if you need quick and healthy food.