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Say Cheese: OSU student helps out small business with her camera skills.

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Oklahoma Fall Styled Shoot

A photo taken by Reagan Glaff, showcasing her versatility with a camera lense.

With the eye of a camera lens, sophomore Reagan Glaff captured the rustic beauty of Where the Buffalo Roam, a major Pendleton and antique store. 

Glaff was in search of a steak house on her way to Stillwater from her hometown in Georgia when she came across the store. From a variety of to high end Native American jewelry, diverse art pieces and antiques, and mostly, Pendleton blankets and articles of clothing, Glaff’s attention was immediately drawn. 

“When I walked in, I was just amazed by the amount of unique pieces that she had in there,” Glaff said. “We don’t have a lot of stuff like that near me and where I’m from. I was especially blown away by all the beautiful turquoise, marble pearls, and Pendleton she had in there.”

Glaff plans to major in agricultural communications and animal science, but she has always been interested in the art of photography and the adrenaline rush it brings her to capture day to day lifestyle pictures. She partnered with photographer Brooke Juma on Friday, Nov. 6 to organize a photoshoot for the store. 

Glaff brought together 21 models from Oklahoma, Missouri and Wyoming, and used articles of clothing exclusive from Where the Buffalo Roam to create outfits, and planned the scenery for the photos.

“It was just supposed to be a fun day for people to come and take pictures, make new connections, especially since Covid has kind of had everyone so down lately,” Glaff said. 

But besides it being an interactive activity that brought people together to appreciate the clothing and jewelry, the photoshoot also served as a great way to further promote the store. 

“Each one of the girls had their own platform, so when they post pictures from the shoot, they’ll be able to promote the store through their platform,” Glaff said. “People that see their posts can share that to their platform as well. I think that it will definitely help her out with her store”

Anita Franks, the owner of the store, was not only thankful for the 21 new customers the partnership with Glaff brought her, but she was also astonished by the promising talent of this OSU student and her ability to carry out the event. 

“She just did this thing. It was kind of amazing,” Franks said. “She got about 21 women together and did this big photoshoot, and she is brand new to Oklahoma State. I was amazed that she was quite the entrepreneur.”

They plan to do more photoshoots in the future, and Glaff plans to continue her photography career as she captures the beauty of many other places.

“Brooke and I are talking, and we definitely want to put up more of these,” Glaff said. “Not necessarily in Oklahoma, but we might travel around, do some in Texas, some in Arizona, and just keep putting on more workshops for girls to get involved, make new connections and have a good time.”