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Review: 'Venom' offers twist on anti-hero plot line

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Tom Hardy stars in Marvel comic-based movie "Venom."

Tom Hardy brings one of Marvel Comics' most interesting anti-heroes to life in Sony Pictures' “Venom.”

“Venom” follows investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) as he attempts to bring down Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and his corporation when allegations of illegal human testing arise against the company. After controversy causes Eddie to lose everything, a last-ditch effort to bring down the corporation ends with Eddie paired with Venom, a violent alien symbiote. Now it is up to Eddie and Venom to coexist to stop Drake and the evil symbiote Riot from ending the world.

Although there is not a great amount of character development, Hardy shows the most as he transitions from a self-centered journalist to a man who selflessly saves the world and the people he loves. Hardy also offers comedy that is genuinely funny to a character who is usually taken too seriously. Fans can tell Hardy had fun with this role.

Ahmed plays a perfect villain in Drake.

Drake is easily despised and becomes feared and seemingly unstoppable once bonded with symbiote Riot.

Director Ruben Fleischer takes a risky movie idea and creates a unique identity for the film with beautifully shot action scenes, compelling CGI and outstanding camera work. Along with Hardy’s acting, the crew saves “Venom” from its subpar script, which tends to be sloppy.

Although “Venom” doesn't live up to the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it does offer something different that fans of superhero movies will find refreshing. With equal levels of hilarity and action, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

The only thing “Venom” suffers from is a loss of identity. It is apparent the writers were not sure what direction to take, as it mixes comedy and action in a way that doesn't always fit. Venom, who is supposed to be a scary and violent symbiote, usually acts as the comic relief and the source of intense action at the same time. Although the combination is weird and won't work for everyone, it offers a take on the character that fans haven't seen yet.

As typical with Marvel movies, “Venom” offers two post-credits scenes. One perfectly sets up a sequel with a character that fans of Marvel Comics have been dying to see on the silver screen.

Moviegoers and comic book fans looking for a fun and action-packed film that deviates from the formulaic superhero movie can look no further than “Venom.”