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Review: The 'Predator’ franchise welcomes new movie

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The Predator

Olivia Munn (left) and Boyd Holbrook star in "The Predator."

 “The Predator” introduces a lighter side to the "Predator" franchise with its sixth installment since the release of its last movie eight years ago.

 Director Shane Black delivers an interesting movie with a band of discharged, war-torn soldiers and a mysterious government agency that discovers an alien ship that has crashed to Earth. Keegan Michael-Key plays an army soldier with PTSD who cracks jokes to cope with his illness. Olivia Munn (Casey Bracket) is a biologist who specializes in the extraterrestrial.

 The other members of the soldiers are misfits relieved from serving their country but the lack of depth to these characters poses a problem for the movie. The plot of the film is overshadowed by jokes and odd transition times making it hard to follow.

 The special effects were below average for a movie in 2018, but the pyrotechnics are the best the “Predator” franchise has ever seen. The predator is still the villain of the universe with its mysterious origins and appetite for killing.

 The predator begins to hunt the government agents who captured it using its own technology. Its goal is to destroy all who have stood in its way. There is a second predator who comes to earth who is more evolved than the first predator that landed on Earth.

 The upgraded predator continues to hunt for the traitor that left its home planet behind and allows itself to get captured by the enemy. This upgraded predator is shown to have a responsive armor and is substantially taller and stronger than his weaker counterpart.

 The agency that is tasked with the capture and research of the predators is not known to the public. Its goal is to do anything to save the technology left behind by these aliens. Humans are still trying to weaponize and use the predator technology for their own benefit and continue to fail miserably. The humans do not completely understand the predator after 31 years and many visits made to planet Earth.

 The movie itself is mediocre but may fill the void the last movie left behind. The template for the installments has been recycled for the second time in a row, only to be used incorrectly and poorly.

 The plus side to this movie is that the cast brings an element of comedy to the more serious "Predator" series, the pyrotechnics are great for the first time in recent years and the set up for the next movie is going to be interesting. The future of the "Predator" series brings promise, but the shallow content brings hope that a sequel might come sooner rather than later.