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Review: Season 4 of 'Friday Night Tykes' showcases good, bad of everyone involved

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Friday Night Tykes

Season 4 of "Friday Night Tykes," a reality show based in San Antonio at the TYFA youth football association, was released on Netflix on Jan. 17.

This show takes an in-depth look at some of the teams in the league and shows the dark side of what goes on behind the scenes.

Season 3 left off with the Mission Mustangs winning the TYFA state championship, and the coach telling his star quarterback and son, Jeremy Duran, that “This is only the start of where you want to be.”

The San Antonio Outlaws, another team from TYFA, went to compete in California for the Snoop Youth Football League championship. Even though the Outlaws came away with a victory in the championship, offensive coordinator Marecus Goodloe and head coach Fred Davis were butting heads on how the offense was being run.

Season 4 was focused on more in-game action and what’s happening on the field at a given time. I felt that there were more fan interactions, coaching disputes and even referee actions that were shown while games were being played.

In Season 4, you’ve got Fred Davis and Marecus Goodloe arguing constantly about the offense of the Outlaws along with parents from many teams being obnoxious and causing an uproar on the sidelines. There’s also plenty of surprising altercations between coach and players that will leave you feeling upset about the kid’s future.

This season also includes more parents being thrown out, and many instances where the referees take over the game rather than the kids or coaches. All in all, the bad side in everyone was showcased in this season, which in turn brought more excitement to the show.

While there were plenty of bad moments by adults, there was also many moments that showed just how much these coaches cared about the kids. The Austin Steelers were a great example of this, as their star running back “Tre Tre” McCutcheon got into trouble at school and was forced to run hills and sit out a game. Although his mom was the one who made this decision, the coaches of the Steelers stood by this decision and made it known that school and grades come first. Season 4 made a really good effort to show the different sides of each coaching staff and team.

Lastly, Season 4 as a whole was one of the better seasons of this show’s short time. This season leaves viewers wondering how relationships and teams will be different next season as kids are growing up and gravitating toward middle school ball. With coach Goodloe fighting with coach Davis more and more each game, Goodloe starts to wonder if this is really the place for him.

The Judson Junior Rockets, a well known and coached team in TYFA, end up losing a heartbreaker in the playoffs due to some controversial calls by the referees. Parents of the Rockets have become upset with TYFA and threaten to not come back if the Rockets stay in the league.

With these being only a few of the many questions left to be unanswered, I think it’s safe to say that Season 5 will be highly-anticipated, just as Season 4 was.