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Review: 'Euphoria' season two premiere

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Zendaya stars in "Euphoria" as main character, Rue. Euphoria season two debuted on Jan. 9.

After a nearly two year hiatus, Euphoria is back and even more insane. When Euphoria premiered, people speculated how HBO would deal with the high school drama genre. The questions were not about the station's ability to gain popularity and garner a fanbase. The show does have Zendaya after all. People just wondered why. Will it serve a purpose? Or will it be a lot of craziness and hijinks with extremely attractive people like Riverdale? The answer is yes to both. Euphoria is both meaningful and rightfully insane. It will make you think, “How the hell can that ever happen?” and immediately relate to a character after. 

If you’re not familiar with Euphoria, each episode starts with Zendaya’s character Rue narrating the life of a different character. Season two of Euphoria picks up shortly after the last episode of season one, “And Salt the Earth Behind you.”  Rue begins season two narrating the life of Fezco: a fan favorite character who never got his narration episode last season. Rue details his life with blunt honesty, and the audience sees that Fezco never got a fair chance at a proper life. He was destined to be a drug dealer and was born into it.

Within the first 10 minutes, it’s clear that the show has not lost a touch of the creative cinematography and music that makes it so outstanding. When we jump back to the present day, each character is getting ready to attend an event. The event? A house party. This is Euphoria, these kids don’t go to school. One of the things that makes Euphoria great is the show's ability to juggle many complex characters. If the first episode is any indication, season two will have problems again. The premiere episode expanded on the character of Lexi and added newcomer Dominike Fike’s character, Elliott, while never losing its pace. The most intriguing aspect of this episode may not be the drama and interactions of Rue and Jules. It’s the romance of Lexi and Fezco. Or maybe it’s a mutual fascination with each other. However, that’s a storyline that I want to see more of. 

It’s still not clear where the whole plot of season two is going to go. Only thing that’s for certain is that Nate is still the worst person possible and poor Rue is back doing drugs. Hard drugs at that. We do see several changes and characters making surprising decisions. During the span of the episode, each main character from last season is in a different place than last semester. Along with new relationships that will make the audience happy, and some that will make you want to throw up. 

Overall, Euphoria opened up with an excellent season premiere that has me excited to see where the story is headed. The cast of the show said multiple times in interviews that this season is not going to be a fun ride. Whether that’s in reference to Rue falling off the wagon again, or maybe the death of someone is yet to be seen. Regardless, it looks like Euphoria is here to stay and I will be strapped in for the ride all season long.