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Review:"Bad Times at the El Royale" leaves holes in plotline

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Bad Times at the El Royale

Jon Hamm stars in "Bad Times at the El Royale," released Oct. 12, 2018.

“Bad Times at the El Royale” creates several plotline holes that leave fans unsatisfied.

It felt like the writers left many stories untold.  

Trailers for this movie hyped it up leaving fans with a potentially good cast and plot line. The movie is broken up into chapters that jump from room to room to show how each character got to the El Royale Hotel and why. Jon Hamm plays an undercover cop posed as a salesman named Laramie. Chris Hemsworth plays a cult leader and the bad guy in film, Billy Lee.

While these two are big-name actors, they do not play as large of a role as they should.

The first part of the movie is about Laramie’s reason for being at the hotel. At one point, Laramie is in a phone booth revealing his true identity as an undercover cop. After this scene, fans should find out his main reason for being there. Unfortunately, no one ever finds this out.

Hemsworth’s character Billy Lee is a power-thirsty cult leader searching for one of his followers. The first time viewers see Hemsworth, it is an hour in and he is skinny dipping, which creates confusion.

Hemsworth finally makes his big appearance with 45 minutes left in the movie causing havoc and destruction. These two big names were only features in this action-packed thriller.

Cynthia Erivo plays an aspiring singer named Darlene Sweet who has a wonderful voice. Jeff Bridges plays Father Daniel Flynn who doesn’t have long to live. He looks for a bag of cash that he and his brother stole and stashed 10 years before.

Along with the bag of cash there is a film with questionable and possibly dangerous content that could fall into the wrong hands.

That’s about all there is to the movie. No one actually mentions what the film was or who was in it, just that the plot centers around a dead person.

The main characters have a love/hate relationship with each other that does not exemplify love until the end.

A lot of the movie does not make sense and many stories are left untold. The writers leave open many questions.