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Red (Taylor's Version) (Jaden's Review): Swift successfully rebrands a classic

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Red Album


“Red” by Taylor Swift is already an iconic album but after the rerecording of the 2008 album Fearless it was time for Taylor to do the same for “Red."

The entire purpose of the re-recordings is for Swift to take the songs and release versions she actually owns, while expanding on the music and giving a fresh feel.

“Red” (Taylor’s Version) does just that. 

When “Red” came out in 2012, it was Swift's coming out party to so many different sounds. She was experimenting with pop, EDM, rock, folk and several other sounds. Almost like a tuneup to what was to come with her next two albums “1989” and “Reputation.” This time around the new version of the album does even more experimenting and adds different strings, lines and background to every song. Some changes are of course minimal and some are more noticeable. For instance, “Girl at Home” the very quiet folk song, is now an electronic pop song. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” which is so much longer it’s technically a new song with completely new lyrics. “22” the title track and smash hit has a bassline that’s so much more distinct. 


Swift is almost a decade older now since the original came out so naturally her voice is much stronger and has a more mature feel to it. It honestly makes the album so much better that way. The new sounds don’t just refer to her screaming ‘hey” in the background of a song. They come from every second we hear Swift. Instead of being 22 she’s 31, so there’s a little bit of magic that can be made when music is being made with reflection. 


The album is not just the reworking of songs on the original album, it also comes with six new songs and most of them are good enough to account for a completely new album. “Run” ft. Ed Sheeran, “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”, and “I Bet You Think About Me” are definitely stand outs. All combine the folky-pop sound that Swift is so known for and display what she does better than anyone else. 


All in all “Red” (Taylor’s Version) is supposed to be all the same songs of the original but still be a different album. I think she accomplished that goal. There’s still four more albums to re-record so time will tell if she can pull that off time after time. However, if she does, having 2 different versions of very good albums is a feat that not many if anyone can ever say.