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Painting the present: OSU’s art museum is showcasing the old and creating the new

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The OSU Museum of Art is hosting events on the second Saturdays of the month this fall.

Oklahoma State’s art museum is full of history. There are around 5000 works in their vault which houses paintings by artists like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Other pieces of interest are sculptures, prints, and even ancient coins predating the common era. Pieces of history can be found throughout the entire building.


However, the art museum is also interested in creating art and giving others the opportunity to as well. One of the interns at the museum, OSU senior Samantha Holguin, tells how the group is inspiring kids to create art, too. 


In the museum there is an art lab where kids can go and interact with different activities and books, or create things of their own. 


“When families come in, this is the place they try to go to,” Holguin said. 


Every second Saturday of the month, the museum will have an event where kids can come and pick up a free art kit to create their own works. For Oct., they are making homemade ghost stamps and small shadow puppet studios out of soda boxes. 


OSU’s art museum is a place that allows kids to enhance their creative side and become interested in art at a young age. They can grow their minds and become visionaries while they’re little to see the world in a brand new light. 


Different exhibits cycle in and out of the museum often, so going to look at what it has set up is also fun. Catching sight of ancient Greek and Roman coins is just as exciting as watching the kids make their own visions come to life. 


If going to an art museum with no knowledge seems scary, don’t worry. It has paper guides set up as visitors go through so they can write down what they are thinking and feeling. The interns are also there to help onlookers process what is going on in the exhibits and show what the artist’s were trying to do. No one needs to be lonely at the art museum, because interns like Holguin are always delighted to have someone to talk about art with.  


Some people may be more interested in the deep history of the museum and the classic paintings it cycles through, and some people may want to try and become creative themselves. The museum is a place that offers both for people of all ages. This month showcases an exhibit by a retired teacher from OSU, so be sure to stop by and be artistic.