'Outer Worlds' offers absolute freedom in new single-player game

The Outer Worlds

Released on Oct. 25, Outer Worlds offers a millions ways to win.

The Outer Worlds is a first-person action role play game made by Obsidian Entertainment for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC that brings back the magic of a true RPG.

Released on Oct. 25, this game falls in the same vein as Obsidian’s other legendary title, Fallout: New Vegas.

The Outer Worlds is based in a futuristic universe where mega-corporations own a solar system at the edge of the galaxy. You play as the lone survivor of an abandoned ship, caught in the midst of a struggle between democracy and the oppression of the corporate leaders.

Quickly, you become the captain of your ship, the Unreliable, and the leader of a hearty crew that has a very Firefly-esque feel to it. After that, the game is mostly left up to you. In the fashion of any good, true RPG, the Outer Worlds lets you decide how the story goes and how the game is played.

The magic that Obsidian Entertainment brings to their games largely comes from the dialogue. The amount of detail and thought put into the character’s lines are rare;  few video games can achieve that attention to detail. This is especially valuable because you get to choose what you reply to the NPCs, and there is no lack of options. Want to be a stone-hearted, angry space captain who answers to no one? You got it. Want to be a charming and helpful member of society? Go for it. Want to be a complete fool, mocked by many but feared by none? That’s an option too.

It isn’t just the dialogue options that make this game great, but the leveling and perk system the game has too. While creating a well-rounded character is always useful, you don’t have to. You can make your character as dumb as a bag of bricks and put all of your resources into strength and health and beat the game just as well. You can also make your character a quick-witted, nerdy scientist with no combat abilities and use that big brain to win. The possibilities are endless, making each play through more exciting than the last.

With the depth of writing and character development, the story of this game is amazing. There are often parts of it where it feels like you’re getting to play out a role in your favorite Netflix show, where you can’t stop watching because you have to know what happens next. 

The animation and combat of the game just act as cherries on top. The worlds are immersive and beautiful. The player models are unique, as are the alien beasts that roam the wild. The options for combat are well-made and well-balanced. Going into every fight with some special engineered melee weapons is just as powerful and exciting as running in with a light machine gun and flamethrower. With an easy dodging system and a time-slowing feature, this game keeps combat fun while maintaining the level of challenge that makes any videogame great.

The Outer Worlds is another masterpiece from Obsidian Entertainment. A true single-player first-person RPG that was released on time and without any major issues or a bunch of day one paid content, it is a refreshing change of pace from the micro-transaction, beta-testing world of gaming we know today. For anyone that is a fan of quality single-player games, this is the game for you.