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OSU Amenity Highlight: Edmon Low Library

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Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University on November 11, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

College is both fun and transformative experience for students all across the world. However, at the end of the day, college students are in college to study and get a degree. 

Lucky for the students at Oklahoma State, a phenomenal resource available to be a successful student is the Edmon Low Library.  

Just like any library, Edmon Low is filled with a tremendous amount of books. You are bound to find whatever information you need. The library has textbooks, full-text journals, articles and multiple databases available to any student. And if you still cannot find what you are looking for, Edmon Low can borrow what you need from other libraries across the country. 

In addition to its endless amount of books, Edmon Low is a convenient study spot. They have different areas for people who work best in different environments. There are areas for groups and collaboration, silent study areas and everything in between. 

Students can even rent out different rooms via the website every half hour, with some room availability starting around 10 a.m running through 11 p.m. Not to mention, there are also computer lab spaces available too.

In the 21st century, there is more technology available to students than at any other time in history. One can discover all this in the library’s creative studios with 3D printing technology, their Tech-to-Go checkout, virtual reality room and many more technologies available to students and faculty.

Have a vision for a cool short film you want to shoot? Camera’s, tripods, and microphones are all available. Wrote a song that you want to record? There’s a studio with a digital turntable, mixing board and more. Need access to software for a creative project? Edmon Low is the place to go.

There is also a Writing Center and Math Learning Resource Center in which students can get tutoring and help with whatever they may need. These resources are always free to students.

While college is also an expensive few years of one's life, the library offers a significant amount of job opportunities for students and faculty. From ambassadors to student assistants to work study’s to internships, it’s unlikely that you wouldn’t be able to find at least one area of interest. 

When it comes down to anything you could need to be an exceptional student at Oklahoma State University, Edmon Low Library has it all.