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One arborist studies all of OSU's trees

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Gardening Series at the OSU Botanic Gardens

The Horticulture Resource Center at the OSU Botanical Gardens. 

After more than 10 years in the making, the horticulture club’s project has finally come to fruition!  

The club for years has wanted to document each and every living tree on the university’s campus. Few have taken on the task, but one student, in particular, has figured out how to do that exact action. 

Could you imagine naming, measuring and categorizing every single living tree at Oklahoma State University? Although it would be an overwhelming task, this is exactly the undertaking that university arborist Caitlin Gipson recently tackled. 

We now know that the total value of all of the more than 3,000 trees on campus is estimated at over 9 million dollars. Without a doubt, that is an extremely secure investment!  

Gipson got to leave her mark on the crowd at the first meeting of the Horticulture Club, bringing to light an interactive map of campus on OSU’s official website that identifies every single tree we got! 

Horticulture is the art or practice of garden cultivation and management and is an incredible necessary party of society in terms of studying plants and helping manage the environment.

As you can imagine, a lot went into the project. With trees and seasons changing the “tree map” is nearly a constant job, and it’s not the only thing that Caitlin Gipson inherited as our new orange arborist. 

At the meeting, Gipson got in touch with her roots by naming her favorite tree, which is the sycamore outside of Old Central. This was the tree that her grandmother sat under during her time at OSU, as old as it is, the sunset of its lifespan is approaching quickly. 

If you have a moment while you are walking by, give a little bit of time to observing this piece of still living history.  

She ended her presentation with the offer to provide five selected students from the Hort Club with the chance to plant three trees on campus. Gipson is perfect with handling any questions for those who have interest n arborist opportunities. 

She was the first of a slew of professionals to come speak on behalf of Hort Club, providing for students real-world experience and opportunities in the field of horticulture. 

The Horticulture Club is still open to new members and meets on the first Thursday of every month with free food, a guest speaker and the opportunity to take home real scholarships for your involvement.