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New coffee king arrives

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Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros operates on a drive-thru and walk-up order system. There is no indoor seating.

Taking on Stillwater two lanes at a time, Dutch Bros Coffee is the town's newest attraction. This untraditional coffee stop has a walk-up window and two-lane drive-thru and is an easy and efficient way to get that much needed caffeine fix.


Opening just this past Friday, the store has already seen many Stillwater residents and is filling the parking lot it’s in with plenty of cones and local officers to help keep the line running smoothly and orderly.  


While the officers are waving cars through the line, staff are rushing to and from the cars and buildings to take order and deliver the hand-crafted beverages.


“”The workers were super friendly and fun and the coffee was great,” Oklahoma State junior Gabby Hentemann said. “You get a lot for what you pay for.”


Unlike other coffee shops, the small at Dutch Bros Coffee is 16 oz, with a medium and large being 24 oz and 32 oz respectively. 


Although coffee is in the name of this nationwide chain, coffee isn’t the only thing served on the extensive menu. In addition to the expected coffees and teas from a coffee shop, there are Dutch Bros original sodas and energy drinks, leaving the non-coffee lovers with multiple options. 


“I’ve never been a fan of coffee, but when I found out that Dutch Bros was more than just a coffee place, I figured I’d try it out,” OSU sophomore Sivan Auerbach said. “I had their classic Blue Rebel energy drink and I was honestly surprised by just how much I liked it.”


Sophomore Maddie Meiner was pleasantly surprised by the chai tea selection dutch bros has.


“I am also not much of a coffee person, but I do love tea,” Meiner said. “I saw that there was a whole section for chai teas on the menu and so that was what I ended up going for and I will definitely be back again soon. ”


Dutch Bros stillwater is located at 633 N Perkins and is open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and closes at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.