The stars above New York City will twinkle a little brighter next week, as Pokeappella travels to Brooklyn to sing the National Anthem.

If you would like to go see a flick that's a blast to the past and the future, "Ready Player One" is the movie for you.

I hate Peeps. There, I said it.

Following his breakout success last year with his album, “Everybody,” Logic emerged as a name on the main hip-hop scene for his powerful message and lyricism. Now, Logic has returned to his roots, pivoting back to release his latest trap-themed mixtape, “Bobby Tarantino II,” on Friday.

After six long years, Subset Games -- the creators of the wildly popular 2012 space-roguelike “FTL” -- has finally released another game: “Into the Breach.” While continuing the theme of futuristic sci-fi and pixel art, “Into the Breach” goes in a completely different direction as far as gam…

“Red Sparrow” does not cater to light-hearted moviegoers with its heavy use of graphic violence, as graphic depictions of violence and nudity are used to stun the audience into responsiveness.

The awards season is finally over, nearly fourteen months after some of the nominated films have aired.

The new stage of Overwatch League started this past weekend, which included a new patch where Mercy is no longer a key part of support. The rise of Lucio play has caused issues for many teams, especially for the preseason favorite Seoul. Many teams have also added new players to their roster…

Directed by Alex Garland, “Annihilation” pairs a unique storyline with artistic special effects to create a visually-compelling motion picture that will haunt its audience long after the film.

Despite rumors circulating among the gaming community that the infamous Call of Duty franchise will remaster arguably its most successful game, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," there has been no official report or announcement confirming or denying it from Activision.

Week 4 was another wild week in the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Saturday was filled with upsets and a team pick up its first win in its history. As first round robin concludes and the second begins this weekend, here are my NA LCS power rankings entering Week 5.

1. Let’s just call it as it is. It’s the pinnacle of god-awful consumeristic holidays

Forget the oversized teddy bear you have nowhere to store, the wilted flowers and the last-minute illegibly-signed pharmacy card. This year, it’s all about you, and the easiest way to ensure your Valentine’s Day gift meets your standards is to make it yourself.

The third movie to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise combines erotica with suspense to create a glamorous thriller. What once posed as a movie franchise tailored to erotic fiction fans, is now a franchise that seeks out multiple audiences.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and the one thing every successful Super Bowl party requires is food. Whether you’re a wing fanatic, a pizza connoisseur or you feel like going out to eat for the big game, there are tons of deals to make you the MVP (Most Valuable Partier). Here are the O'Coll…

Ah yes, the Super Bowl: a time for millions of buffalo wing orders, advertising genius and, of course, crazy prop bets.

Since December, Generation Three Pokémon have progressively been added to Pokémon Go, the most recent ones added include Flygon, Cacnea and Lileep.

We're only two weeks into the 2018 season, and I'm sold on North America returning to the best-of-one format. Each game means something, and it creates chaos throughout the league.

The writers of the Netflix original “The Open House” propose many questions to the audience about what happens when unsuspecting homeowners let strangers into their home. Viewers of the movie have in turn proposed a question to the writers: “How could such an interesting concept be wasted on…

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