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Mix and match: Students share their favorite Sonic drink customizations

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Sonic Drive-In

The sign outside of the Sonic Drive-in on Main Street claims it to be the first of the chain, but this claim may be disputed.

Several students shared their favorite custom drinks from Sonic Drive-In. 

Sonic is a Stillwater hotspot. There are three different locations in Stillwater, and they always seem to be busy taking orders and delivering unique combinations of beverages. 

Their drink menu offers a selection of slushes, lemon and limeades, soft drinks, teas, coffee, and limitless flavor add-ins. 

Madie Petree is a senior majoring in animal science, pre-veterinary. Her go-to drink from Sonic is a chocolate Coke. 

“I love chocolate and I love Coke! One of my friends said she had tried it before, and it was pretty good so I thought I’d give it a go,” Petree said.

This is just one of hundreds of the many soda pop combinations created by Sonic visitors. 

Logan Stockemer, a sophomore in chemical engineering, has a specific custom Dr. Pepper that he orders – cherry vanilla diet Dr. Pepper with easy ice.

“I love cherry Dr. Pepper, and vanilla in my pop is so good, so I decided to mix them and try it out,” Stockemer said. “And I think I can speak for everyone and say no one likes watered down pop so I always get easy ice.”

Stockemer is not the only student who enjoys the vanilla flavor add-in. Shelby Weymouth is a sophomore majoring in Finance who based her Sonic order off her love of vanilla. 

“I like my custom drink because it is very fresh, but I really like vanilla in everything I drink. I came up with this drink because I already like Vanilla Coke, so I figured it had to be good!” Weymouth said.

Weymouth is also a member on the Sonic app.

The Sonic app allows you to order ahead and get half-priced drinks and slushes every time you visit. Many students have invested in the app to save money or make their Sonic trips quicker and more convenient. 

Chloe Blood is a sophomore majoring in hospitality, tourism and management, and she is an avid user of the Sonic app. Her custom drink order is a lemonade with raspberry.

“I like the Sonic App because it makes the ordering process so much easier,” Blood said. “And if you have more than one person in the car you can order at once and not have to pull up and orderly separately or have one person pay for everything.”

Many other students get water at Sonic and add flavors or combinations of flavors for only about 10 cents per flavor. There is also the option to add sugar-free flavorings, real fruit, and candy.

Lauren Flake is a sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Her go-to Sonic order is water with lemon, lime, and strawberry flavor add-ins. 

No matter the combination of drinks and flavorings, students all around Stillwater love creating custom Sonic orders.