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Lots of Originals coming to Netflix in May

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Every month, Netflix adds new homework distractions and takes away old ones.

May is an exciting time, and not just because it means the semester is almost over.

Like it does every month, Netflix is adding items to its list of TV shows and movies and taking away old ones. 

In May, Netflix is adding a lot of Netflix Originals. I’m not sure what to expect from most of these, but here are three of the ones that I am most interested in watching after finals weeks.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

This movie shows the crimes of Ted Bundy from the perspective of his long-time girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer. As a fan of crime shows and movies, I am excited to see Zac Efron’s portrayal of one of the most famous serial killers in American history. 

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Season 1)

This new show is about a high school student who starts selling drugs online to try to impress his ex-girlfriend. I think there’s a lot of potential for this show to tackle some serious issues teenagers deal with in an entertaining way. I just hope it’s not an attempt to copy “Breaking Bad.” 

Undercover (Season 1)

As I've previously stated, I love crime shows, so I am excited to see whether or not this show about undercover agents attempting to infiltrate a drug lord’s operation is any good. 

Here is a full list of everything coming to Netflix in May.

May 1

“Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” (1997)

“Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” (Season 1)

“Chasing Liberty” (2004)

“The Final Destination” (2009)

“Inspector Gadget” (Season 3) Netflix Original Series

“Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer” (Season 2)

“Kia and Cosmos” (2018)

“Knock Down The House” (2019) Netflix Original Documentary

“Manifik 2” (2019) Netflix Original Foreign Movie 

May 2

“John Carter” (2012)

“Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer” (2016)

May 3

“Alles ist gut” (2019) Netflix Original Foreign Series

“Cupcake & Dino – General Services” (Season 2) Netflix Original Kids Series

“Dead to Me” (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

“Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” (2019) Netflix Original Movie

“The Last Summer” (2019) Netflix Original Series

“Flinch” (Season 1) Netflix Original Reality Series

“Jo Pil-ho: The Dawning Rage”

“Undercover” (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

“True and the Rainbow Kingdom” (Season 3) Netflix Original Kids Series

“Tuca & Bertie” (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

May 4

“War Horse” (2011) 

May 8

“Lucifer” (Season 4) Netflix Original Series

May 10

“Easy” (Season 3) Netflix Original Series

“Harvey Street Kids” (Season 2) Netflix Original Kids Series

“The Society” (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

“Wine Country” (2019) Netflix Original Movie 

May 13

“Malibu Rescue” (2019) Netflix Original Movie

May 14

“Still Laugh-in: The Stars Celebrate” (2019) Netflix Original Stand-up Special 

May 17

“t’s Bruno” (Season 1) Netflix Original Comedy Series

“The Rain” (Season 2) Netflix Original Danish Series

“Saverio Raimondo: Il Satiro Parlante” (2019) Netflix Original Stand-up Special

“See You Yesterday” (2019) Netflix Original Movie

May 21

“Wanda Sykes: Not Normal” (2019) Netflix Original Stand-up Special

May 24

“High Seas” (Season 1) Netflix Original Spanish Series

“She’s Gotta Have It” (Season 2) Netflix Original Series

“The Perfection” (2019) Netflix Original Movie 

May 30

“The Last Kids on Earth” (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

May 31

“How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” (Season 1) Netflix Original Series

“When They See Us” (Limited Series) Netflix Original