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Let Snow! Students opinion on the winter weather.

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Snow on the Oklahoma State University campus on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The weather in Stillwater has escalated into snow and freezing temperatures, affecting student life.

This week, temperatures will be in single-digit and negative numbers. The city is under a winter storm warning and is expecting up to 10 inches of snow according to some weather channels. 

The university canceled classes on Monday, part of the day Tuesday, and Wednesday last week. Oklahoma State recently announced that for now, the Stillwater campus would be moving to a virtual campus. The campus itself will remain closed due to weather conditions. 

Sophomore Chloe Blood, hospitality and tourism management major from Dallas, Texas, has not seen snowy weather like what is currently going on in Oklahoma.

“The snow is crazy because I’ve never seen so much stick to the ground before,” Blood said. “It is actually currently snowing a little bit in Dallas, but that is unusual. They’re supposed to get like six inches and we’re calling it a ‘Texas Blizzard’.”

Blood also observed that residents across Stillwater are preparing to be snowed in for a couple of days.

“I went to Walmart the other day and almost everything was gone off the shelves. I assume it is because of the storm, but I thought it was crazy,” Blood said. 

On the other hand, some students at Oklahoma State are more accustomed to this kind of weather.

Freshman Meji Jayaseelan, a chemical engineering major, moved to Oklahoma from the United Kingdom five years ago.

“It’s usually very rainy and cloudy [in the UK]. We don’t get snow very often, but when we do it’s never been as big as the snow we get in Oklahoma, but I would also say that I am quite used to the cold,” Jayaseelan said.

Many students at OSU were born and raised in this Oklahoma weather.

Craig Slagle is a junior majoring in political science and economics who has lived all 21 years of his life in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

“While this weather is pretty rare, I am used to and prepared for snowstorms,” Slagle said. “I think the weirdest thing about this weather is that it’s so eerily quiet because everyone is inside staying warm.”

The thing students are concerned about with the weather is traffic accidents. Driving on icy roads or in heavy winds are often the biggest hazards associated with winter storms. 

“I’m not particularly scared [of the weather], I’m just nervous that if I were to drive, my tires might lose traction, hit a parked car, and then my insurance will go up because of all the frozen H2O,” Slagle said. 

Meji Jayaseelan expressed the same kind of concern.

 “I prefer to stay inside and drink some hot chocolate,” she said.

Another severe consequence of winter storms is power outages. Luckily, none of the mentioned students have had to face a power outage due to the current snow pileups. However, many Stillwater residents have had to go without power for the last couple of days. 

As temperatures continue to decrease and snow continues to fall, stay inside and stay warm.