Last minute date ideas from OSU students

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Forgot to plan out your Valentine's Day date? Bundle up and talk a walk around Boomer lake or go a little further out on a hiking trail. 

No need to freak out. You probably forgot to make plans, get chocolate and flowers, or even wish your significant other happy Valentine’s Day. Luckily for you, OSU students got Stillwater’s best last-minute dates below. You don’t need to head to Oklahoma City for a destination date, or even reserve a table at the hottest restaurant in town in order to woo their significant other.

For Molly McClure, a speech pathology freshman, there is romance in the little things.

“I think one of the best dates at OSU would be to go on a walk around campus, especially in the fall,” McClure said. “The gold and red colors are so pretty. Even in the winter when it snows, OSU becomes a new place. And then maybe dinner at Rancher’s [Club]… Especially if someone has a meal plan.”

Rancher’s Club is a restaurant on campus that offers high-quality steaks and salads for students and visitors. With a meal plan, students find it easier to pay for the hefty bills, which often involve three-course meals.

Jonathan Buskirk, mechanical aerospace engineering freshman, thought a little more outside the box. As someone with an eye for making old things new, he suggests that grabbing a sandboard from the nearest Goodwill and going dry sledding would make for the perfect date at the hill near campus.

Dry sledding is essentially typical sledding but without the snow; it can be done on any large hill with a steep incline and a sled.

“We’d get a smoothie first,” Buskirk said. “Then get the sandboard and go down some super big hills. Ideally, there would be a sunset in the background that we could watch from up on the hill while we talk.”

Stillwater is chock-full of amazing date places, especially ones that don’t require lots of money or effort. Boomer Lake, according to Dawson Gates, a Management and Information Systems freshman, is one of the hottest spots in Stillwater to take a date.

“Go to Boomer Lake and throw down a sheet,” Gates said. “Of course, it would be in the springtime or the fall. Play some frisbee and other outdoor games, and maybe you could make it a double date. We can have a picnic out by the lake and walk my dog. I’d make a sandwich for us— ham and cheese— and bring a bag of apples and some chips. We need board games and a deck of cards, obviously.”

As Valentine’s Day rises across Oklahoma, as well as your panic when you realize you haven’t made plans yet, rest easy knowing OSU and Stillwater are fortunately packed with plenty of great spots for hangouts with your gals and bros or a romantic date with that special someone.

And don’t worry, they won’t know you planned this date at the last-minute.