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James Gunn’s universe: Big change to the DCEU

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Will the DC Cinematic Universe finally reach the successful heights of the MCU?

With James Gunn sitting at the executive spot for DC Studios, the answer may be a yes. The popular director, known famously for his excellent live action take on the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” is taking the challenging initiative of re-shaping the universe as a whole. The plans he has set seem extremely exciting.

No.1- Creature Commandos

The first in line of the many new projects coming to the DCEU is an animated TV series called “Creature Commandos.” James Gunn is set to write  this seven-episode series staring Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, who will put together a group of monstrous prisoners as they embark on black ops missions.Although this entry into the universe will be animated, Gunn has stated that it’ll have an effect on the universe and consist of a voice cast that’ll play their live action counterparts. A release day  has not been confirmed.

No.2- Waller

The next confirmed project is a TV series starring Viola Davis playing the cold-hearted Amanda Waller. Not much is known in terms of story and release date, but this will feature returning characters from Gunn’s “Peacemaker.” It’ll also be written Christel Henry, who directed 2019’s Watchmen, and Jeremy Carver, who directed the cult classic series Supernatural.

No.3- Superman: Legacy

Gunn will write the return of the man of steel himself in “Superman: Legacy.”

This film, according to James Gunn, will focus on Superman balancing both his heritage as a Kryptonian and his human upbringing. Sadly Henry Cavill won’t reprise his role as the man of tomorrow, but hopefully whoever Gunn cast as Superman will fill that void the fans yearn for.

No.4- The Brave and The Bold

Another entry in the revamp universe will feature the dark knight himself and his son Damian embark on a crime-based journey. Not much information is known on this project as of yet.

There are many more projects to come, including “Booster Gold and Lanterns,”but from the information that Gunn has provided shows that there is a chance for DC to make a comeback in the movie industry.