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How to shop local this Christmas

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Christmas is less than three weeks away; it’s time to start narrowing down gift options before it’s too late!

There are myriad ways to get gifts, but shopping locally helps the community and citizens within it. Great gifts can be found for each person on your list here in Stillwater and close to campus. Here are some potential gift items from Wooden Nickel, J. Cole and Eskimo Joes:

Wooden Nickel

For Him: 

A North Face Jacket ($149.99) is perfect for the cold weather and will be a durable item. 

Peter Millar button up shirt with either a Pistol Pete or OSU logo (ranging from $105 to $155) is perfect for game day, a nice dinner with friends and family or graduation pictures.

 For Her: 

The leopard Spanx ($98) and the leather Spanx ($110) are fun yet practical.

 Candles are always great choices (especially seasonal ones); Nothing says bring on the holidays like a good candle. They have candles from Nest, Thymes and Capri Blue ranging from $9 to $60. 

Other gifts:

 Christmas Ornaments are a great idea to give either before or on the day of Christmas. Wooden Nickel has several different designs like ones that support OSU, different festive Christmas pieces, a Dalmatian or even a bottle of Rosé ornament. These range from $14.99 to $27.

 FITS Socks are a perfect for everyone. Socks always seem to get lost, which is why getting them as a gift would be a wonderful surprise! The FITS price is between $13.99 and $21.99 depending on the type of sock you buy.

Wooden Nickle manager Tanner Gage also explained how it is a great place to find fun items for gift exchanges and hostesses.

 “[The] Stillwater community has a couple of ornament gift exchanges every year,” Gage said. “We always have people come in to buy things for their gift exchanges. Hostess gifts are popular like the cutting boards, tea towels and other things to make the atmosphere festive.”

 J. Cole

Stocking Stuffers:

 No Christmas season would be complete without getting something in your stocking. 

 The Que Water Bottle is perfect for that someone who is constantly on the go and does not have enough room in their bag to lug around a large water bottle. The Que Water bottle ($26) can be condensed, but when you add water it grows to its full size.

 J. Cole also sells buttons, which are perfect for anyone who loves school spirit. They are all OSU buttons and would look great on a backpack, shirt or on a cork board. Their buttons are $10.

The big O key chain is perfect for anyone that constantly has tons of items in their hand. It essentially is more like holding a purse rather than holding your keys. They come in several different designs. The Big O is $25.

 The Power Pad Beauty is a makeup mirror as well as a device that charges your phone. The neat, multi-purpose item costs $55.

 You can also create a wishlist at J. Cole, online or on paper, which will be helpful for your gift givers. 

Eskimo Joes:

Eskimo Joes has the perfect, classic holiday gifts; you’ll want to give and receive these fun items.

 Each year they do a Christmas t-shirt ($25.95) and sweatshirt ($27.95). This year the theme is "Elf"! This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves the movie "Elf" or for someone who collects the Eskimo Joes Christmas shirt. 

 If you want an Eskimo Joes ornament to go on your tree, they have them! They have two kinds: the regular ornament ($3.95) and the shatter proof ornament ($5.95).

Hope everyone is rockin’ around the Christmas tree and surprising loved ones with these great items!