How to decorate a new apartment

Decorating apartment.jpg

Finding ways to make a new apartment feel like home can be difficult but there are ways to add your personality to the space. 

Decorating a new apartment can be an overwhelming task, especially as a college student with limited funds. Here are some inexpensive places to look for apartment décor and ways to personalize an adorable abode on a budget.

1) Check out local thrift stores or antique malls.

Thrift stores and most antique malls are affordable and are home to one of a kind pieces. Look for pieces that will stand out, and don't be scared to purchase a piece that is bright or patterned. Unique treasures are great conversation pieces for friends and family to talk about when visiting. The items found at antique stores will make any apartment stand out and have friends wanting to know where it came from. Garage sales are also a great place to look for uncommon gems. This is also economically beneficial. Going to thrift stores or antique malls gives old pieces a new life.

2) New decorations are available at chain stores

If second hand isn’t your jam , businesses like 5 Below, Big Lots and Walmart have great home décor options that are affordable. Tapestries, lamps, rugs and twinkle lights are just a few of the many things found at these businesses to vamp up a new apartment. Tapestries are affordable and take up a lot of wall space, so there will not be a need to buy multiple wall hangings. Twinkle lights are a great alternative to lamps because they do not take up any table space and add more to the wall being decorated.

3) Visit Lowes or local garden shops to find plants and decorative pots

Succulents and cacti are great indoor plants and are perfect for sitting on end tables and window ledges. Succulents and cacti require little care and are easy to take care of. Small plants are a perfect touch for a new apartment, especially if they are planted in a decorative pot. When looking for decorative pots, pick one color that will tie in with the rest of the colors, specifically a color that is not being seen a lot in the other pieces. Decorating with plants is also inexpensive and will bring life to a new apartment.

4) DIY

Another way to decorate a new apartment on a budget is to do Do It Yourself projects. Pinterest is the holy grail for DIY ideas, and most of them are easy to do and require basic crafting supplies. There are countless things to make; anyone can DIY just about anything. One DIY project that would bring life to a new apartment would be photo collages.

Photo collages can be made with different colors and have different aesthetics to personalize a new apartment. Making them is also inexpensive. Magazine clippings, photos or other miscellaneous objects can be used to create photo collages depending on the wanted look of the collage. Photo collages can be any size and can either hang on walls or sit on tables. The great thing about photo collages is there can be a lot going on, but a certain color can tie it all together.

Have fun and happy decorating.