“How I’m feeling” Lauv's labor


On his debut album "~how i'm feeling~," Lauv teams up with other artists to tell different stories. 

It has been two years since electropop artist Lauv dominated the music charts with his hit single “I Like Me Better,” and now, he is back for more.

Lauv released his debut album, “~how i’m feeling~,” on Friday. Some may say this is his sophomore album, but Lauv clarified that it is his debut album on Instagram.

Unlike his compilation album “I Met You When I was 18,” “~how i’m feeling~” delves deeper into who Lauv is. The album cover shows Lauv sitting with six colorful versions of himself, each representing a side of his personality. There is the hopeless romantic Blue Lauv, the existential Purple Lauv, the goofy Green Lauv, the positive Yellow Lauv, the Orange f-kboy Lauv, and the spicy Red Lauv. Each personality’s influence can be seen in the 21 songs Lauv wrote.

Lauv’s serious side came out in “Drugs & The Internet,” “Lonely Eyes” and “Modern Loneliness” as they discuss newfound fame and its effects on his mental health and the environment around him.

On the other hand, listeners are able to find hope in “Billy” and “Sad Forever,” both obvious inspirations from Yellow Lauv.

“Billy” conveys Lauv’s thankfulness to the haters and the believers who led him into a better life. “Sad Forever” talks about how often Lauv wanted to give up but was determined to keep on going. He states “I don’t want to be sad forever.”

Networking is a strength as he features different artists from different genres in songs like “f-k i’m lonely” featuring Anne-Marie and “i’m so tired” with Troye Sivan, both dealing with the aftermath of a breakup.

Artists such as Alessia Cara, Sofia Reyes, and Jungkook and Jimin from the K-Pop band BTS are also featured. 

“El Tejano” was a different path to what Lauv usually creates, but Reyes’ vocals and the Latin-inspired beats made the song terrific to listen and dance to. Jungkook and Jimin’s features in “Who” gave a further push into the heartbreaking meaning, while Cara’s raspy voice adds a tenderness to “Canada,” a love ballad of a hopeful couple talking of their future.

However, there are a few songs aren't memorable.

“Sims” is heavily inspired by the six personalities and had a good melody, but it sounds similar to his older songs in his compilation album. “Believed,” “Feelings” and “For Now” make fans relive “The Other” and “Reforget” from “I Met You When I was 18.” The subject matter and the soft guitar melody sounded similar on the last three when played back-to-back thus sounding as though it were actually one lengthy song.

From conceiving a sleeper hit to a full debut album, Lauv is starting to show the beginning of his evolution through his path into new genres and new topics.