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Homecoming hardships: Sigma Alpha Epsilon removed from homecoming

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America's Greatest Homecoming will be without another fraternity.

The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were removed from celebrating Cowboy homecoming this past week for their actions toward the men of Beta Theta Pi.

A couple members of SAE threw a firecracker into Beta’s pomping room this past weekend, causing minor damage and harm to the room and its contents. No one was present during the time of the incident.

This is the second Homecoming removal for a fraternity in two years. In 2021, Alpha Tau Omega did not participate after a hazing incident. 

The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were paired with the women of Alpha Delta Pi, who were not involved in the event.

SAE is no longer allowed to participate in the famous decoration building that America’s Greatest Homecoming is known for or any other homecoming events the week of Oct. 16.

The OSU Alumni Association released a statement regarding the incident and expressed its support to the women of Alpha Delta Pi and its want for the women to still participate in homecoming activities.

“In the Homecoming process, health and safety of all participants is of the utmost importance,” the statement said. “The extensive Homecoming expectations regarding health and safety are frequently communicated to chapter and Homecoming leadership alike, and these practices are expected to be followed throughout the entire process. The OSU Alumni Association, the Office of Student Support and Conduct, and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs recognizes that students will make mistakes and, at times, decisions that do not align with personal values and university expectations. However, it is essential students reflect and learn from these decisions by holding them accountable for their behavior.”

Will Cunningham, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon head homecoming director, said he is disappointed the actions of a few members caused the entire chapter to be punished.

“Unfortunately for our house, there were only a couple of individuals responsible for the event,” Cunningham told The O’Colly. “Our chapter is currently working to do what is in our best interest in regard to punishing said individuals. As far as we know, the women of Alpha Delta Pi are looking for a new pairing, as they should, as getting to participate in America’s Greatest Homecoming is an honor, and we want to see them take part even if we cannot. As far as our relationship with Beta Theta Pi, we have nothing but kind words to say about them, as they have handled this situation with class and an open mind. So much so, that they were actually in favor of us having a lesser punishment than we were given."

Cunningham said that SAE is looking into alternative event options for the night of walk-around.

"A philanthropy event for our national philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network, is at the top of our list. Whatever option we decide to go with will take place for the time that we would have put into our homecoming deck. Although disappointed, our chapter is trying to handle this situation the best way we can, and we’re still excited for the rest of the semester and school year.”

Alpha Delta Pi and the OSU Alumni Association did not respond to requests from The O'Colly. Alpha Delta Pi looked for a new pairing since the incident. In order for the pairing to happen, both houses in the original pair would have to agree. Either one or both of every homecoming pairing said no or disagreed. As of right now, Alpha Delta Pi will not participate in the homecoming festivities that require a pairing. They are, however, making the best of it and participating in the sign competition and harvest carnival. The money raised from the carnival will go toward their national philanthropy, The Ronald McDonald House. For more information regarding OSU homecoming, please visit