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Holidays gone wrong: students' stories of their worst holiday meals with family.

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The holiday season can be full of traditions, memories, or sometimes, memorable disasters. 

Whether it was your grandma taking an edible at dinner, or cooking with your redneck cousins, everyone has a catastrophic holiday story to tell. 

Chemical engineering sophomore Lindsey Lewellen’s holiday traditions are far from normal. But that’s what makes it special, Lewellen said.

“On Christmas, my family always has some sort of potluck, but never normal Christmas food,” Lewellen said. “Dec. 25 is when we decide to have Italian or Mexican or Chinese.”

Her redneck uncles and aunts always made these unique Christmas meals from scratch, Lewellen said.

“Rednecks cooking those foods are super scary, so my family always packs a lunch to eat in the truck right before we get to their house,” she said. “Then we bring a piece of luggage or something to put all of our trash in to get rid of the evidence and just act like we eat their cooking.”

Not only does her family not indulge in your typical Christmas dinner cuisine, but they eat Christmas dinner out of lunchboxes in their car as opposed to eating their redneck family member’s fixings.

However, she isn’t the only student who refers to her family as rednecks and has some memorable traditions that have come from being related to them. Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, talked about her Thanksgiving traditions with her family that lives in Arkansas. 

“On Thanksgiving day my family wakes up and some of the uncles go together to go shoot a turkey,” she said. “But, they aren’t too good at hunting, so what usually happens is it’s 3 in the afternoon, everyone is hungry, and my grandpa reveals that he’s had a backup turkey cooking all morning. We all start eating and later my uncles will show back up, very drunk, but with a turkey. But we’ve all already eaten some very dry turkey my grandpa has roasted and toasted.”

While some may have redneck uncles or crazy cousins, here in Oklahoma, it’s not uncommon to also have a member in the family who has a medical marijuana card. One student, who also requested to stay anonymous, spoke about an incident like this that happened at one of their family Thanksgiving meals.

This student said their family has a tradition to always travel down to Austin, Texas, to spend Thanksgiving with their uncles and grandparents. She said that her grandma has a history of bad back pain, and this particular trip she seemed to be complaining about it a lot.

“We were all sitting down for a big family dinner and my grandma was complaining about her back pain,” she said. “My uncle abruptly stood up and went to his fridge and pulls out four different packs of edibles and set them down in front of my grandma. She asked what they were, and he explained that they were edibles from Colorado.”

This student said she felt very awkward because her whole family was just watching as those two discussed edibles at the dinner table. Her grandma ended up taking one and said it helped relieve some of the pain in her back. 

However, grandma didn’t seem to act differently, the student said, but it still makes for a good story for her and her family. Not many people can say, “Remember that time grandma took an edible at Thanksgiving dinner?” 

While the holiday season is a time for family and tradition, it also appears to be a time for memorable incidents and stories to laugh about later.