Go green and save green: Energy-saving tips before spring break

Lights .jpg

Before you leave for the extended break, do a short walk around your living space to make sure lights are off and unnecessary things are unplugged. 

Energy costs money, save some of both with these tips before you hit the road next week.

Turn off all the lights/ceiling fans

If you’re the last person to leave the house before break, do everyone a favor and do one last walk through of the house to ensure all the lights in the house are turned off. Coming home to find that a light switch was left on for a few weeks can be frustrating. Leaving lights on is a waste of energy and causes light bulbs to burn out more quickly. Ceiling fans don’t need to be left on while you’re gone either, unless you insist on wasting energy. In addition, energy usage in any form costs money and why not save a few dollars by being energy efficient?

Unplug appliances

Appliances left plugged in still use electricity whether they are in use or not. Before leaving the house, unplug lamps, TV’s, unnecessary surge protectors, and any other appliances and electronics.

Adjust the thermostat

Don’t turn your heat or A/C off, just adjust it to a slightly warmer or cooler temperature, depending on the weather. By adjusting it about four to six degrees, you’ll cut energy usage while no one is home. Also, since the system isn’t being turned off completely, reheating or cooling the house shouldn't take long upon return.

Lastly, just for peace of mind:

Clean the house (or at least tidy up)

The last thing you want to see when you come home sunburnt and burnt out is a pile of laundry you left on your unmade bed before you hastily left Friday afternoon. Do your future self a favor and make your bed, do your laundry, and maybe even run the vacuum for once.

To the entire Cowboy family, the O’Colly wishes everyone safe and healthy travels this spring break.