Gift guide for a college student on a budget


The best gift of the holiday season to give would be the gift of getting all As, but that is really hard to wrap. Aside from the stress of finals, there is also the stress in finding gifts for friends and family on a college student budget. Here is an article to help with the latter, for the other thing, you’ll have to talk to some tutors.


Yes, do it yourself. You can get a bundle of canvases in all shapes and sizes for like $10-15 and a small collection of tubes of paint and suddenly you've got yourself the makings of a personal piece of art to decorate someone’s wall. There are so many tutorials all over YouTube in a variety of skill levels to help you get inspired to make your Christmas presents, like string flowers to sponge dapped galaxies. Without spending too much money, you made someone a one-of-a-kind painting the receiver can use as decoration. Also accompanying that wonderful feeling of creating something for someone else, you get to put off that 5-page paper due at the end of the week for a bit longer. For even more affordability, use copies of old O’Colly issues to protect your work surfaces.

Painting not your thing? Go pick up a few yards of fabric and look up a tutorial on how to make a tied off blanket. At least that way, your friends can stay warm as they realize they haven’t retained anything over the past semester.

Thrift/Dollar shopping

Know someone who loves vintage calculators? Or is it someone who somehow looks good in even a hideous ugly sweater? On a serious note, you never know what you can find at the local thrift store or chain dollar store that would be perfect for someone. A $150 espresso machine for a coffee lover, thrift store price is $10. Even if you have no clue what to get someone, wandering the aisles with an open mind can lead you to find the perfect gift they never knew they needed. If nothing else, there are probably some good Dirty Santa gifts waiting on the shelves for your next club holiday party. Also buying a little something for yourself as an award for studying for two hours isn’t as expensive as at other places.

If all else fails: OSU Merch

The perfect gift for mom or dad who went to OSU? OSU merch. The perfect gift for that weird aunt who didn’t go to college? OSU merch. The perfect gift for that cousin who goes to OU? OSU merch. While some of the stuff at the Union Store might be a bit over a student budget but there are a variety of different places to shop all over Stillwater that sells OSU t-shirts, socks and whatever else they can get people to buy at more college-student-friendly prices. Christmas colors might be green and red but why not sprinkle a little bit of orange in your presents this year?