Games to take a break from reality with


With people being stuck inside many people purchased a Ninetindo Switch keep themselves entertained.. 

With stress and boredom on the rise people are looking for something to do with the extra time spent at home. People can’t work all the time. With people ordering Nintendo Switches to keep themselves occupied, here are a few games to try out in between studying for finals and the mental breakdown of the day.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game is probably why you got a Switch in the first place. From the endless content you see on Twitter to the high ratings the game is getting, Animal Crossing is the game of the moment. Players get to customize their own character and island and complete simple chores and tasks set for them by the villagers on the island. Perfect for the people who need a little normalcy back in their life.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

A true Nintendo classic. While the days of playing a grand tournament style with your friends is in the distant future, you can still have a lot of fun with the game by yourself or in two player Grand Prixes. The nostalgia from the game is coupled with improved graphics, new prizes to unleash on your competitors and new mechanics like gliding and anti-gravity portions of the new and improved tracks. Don’t worry, with three Rainbow Roads to not fall off from, you'll still be cursing when you hit a well placed banana.


Taking a quick break from the mainstream of gaming and entering into the world of indie gaming. Undertale is reminiscent of the old school black and white pixelated games from the original handheld devices. It follows a human child who has fallen into the monster’s relm from and must find their way back to the world above. The actions and dialogue you take throughout the game affect the experience you have through the game. It makes for a very dynamic and fascinating gameplay you can’t really get in more mainstream games.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game is addicting. While Zelda is a well established franchise in Ninetendo’s lineup, this is a great place to pick up on. The open-world attitude is taken to another level with the diverse and breathtaking scenery, beautifully woven storylines and fun complex puzzles (with helpful tutorials online) this game keeps getting better as you continue to play through it to save the princess and defeat Ganon.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

While not as mainstream as other games, this game is still really fun to get into. Like most Japanese RPGs it may come off a little cliche with some of the characters’ personality and borderline cheesy dialogue, exploring the beautifully designed worlds on the back of giant Titans in a cloud sea with weapons that have their own unique personality has its charm. The storyline takes players on a wild ride from escaping the military to fighting off monsters and jumping from Titan to Titan to find the secrets of the legendary blade.

With summer on the horizon and stress only increasing, hopefully these games will give you a well deserved break from the reality and take you on a fun ride through the worlds and story they build.