Thanksgiving is almost here, which means that it’s almost time to spend an entire day eating turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.

It’s that time of year again, folks. Yep, it’s time to put up your books, dust off your boots and head over to the 27th annual Calf Fry Festival.

Calf Fry is back, and so are the trends from past festivals. There have been many trends in the past, good and bad, but these are here to stay.

I hate Peeps. There, I said it.

Now I understand that this isn’t how you envisioned your Valentines’ Day this year, but we’re here, so let’s make the most of it.

Forget the oversized teddy bear you have nowhere to store, the wilted flowers and the last-minute illegibly-signed pharmacy card. This year, it’s all about you, and the easiest way to ensure your Valentine’s Day gift meets your standards is to make it yourself.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and the one thing every successful Super Bowl party requires is food. Whether you’re a wing fanatic, a pizza connoisseur or you feel like going out to eat for the big game, there are tons of deals to make you the MVP (Most Valuable Partier). Here are the O'Coll…

You’ve probably heard by now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but eating cereal every morning can get kind of boring.

Kim Tran doesn’t stand still much when she’s working. In a little white trailer at Knoblock Street and Maple Avenue, Tran is juggling food, ringing up customers and taking orders on her phone for 9 hours a day. When she’s not serving food, she’s cleaning up or preparing more.

Recently, Stillwater has welcomed a variety of new chicken places, but Del Rancho hopes to offer something different.

As fall begins to change to winter, pumpkin spice latte season comes to a close. Although pumpkin spice season does not have an official end date, pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice products start to slowly fade away from Starbucks menus as winter approaches.

It is that time of year again; the weather is getting colder, people are breaking their winter clothes out and baked good are being made. As college students and as busy people, it can be hard to have time to make time for a homemade meal.

Sam Smith has returned with another soulful, emotional and blues-toned album called “The Thrill of It All.” After winning four Grammy’s in 2015 and winning an Academy Award for his theme song for James Bond in 2016, many fans noticed his absence during 2017. Thankfully, Sam Smith has given t…

Here’s how to enjoy a cocktail whether you’re gluten-free because of Celiac’s disease, gluten sensitivity or just want to avoid gluten.

Whether you are throwing a backyard barbecue or hosting a house party, the O'Colly found 10 recipes online that will complete your Labor Day festivities.

Oklahoma State University’s Student Union Activities Board is trying to make finals week a little bit more bearable for students by giving them free pancakes, coffee and soda.

Oklahoma State University sororities and fraternities will host Mom's Day 2017 on Saturday. Here are some events to celebrate Mom being in town:

Editor's note: The original version of this story published the event as the "ninth annual" when this year's Wine Forum is the fifth biennial. The O'Colly regrets this error.

Whether you are cutting out meat for Lent, keeping to your New Year’s resolution or just looking to go meatless, these 10 vegetarian recipes are a must.

Everyone knows it, and everyone’s been there, but has anyone tried all of Fuzzy’s tacos? Luckily, I have.

Valentine’s Day is rapidly creeping up on everyone. The normal, busy college student is procrastinating until the day before deciding what to do. If the plan is to go out on Valentine’s Day in a town as small as Stillwater, it cannot be stressed enough: Do not wait until the last minute. Sti…

Cooking in a dorm room is a struggle, but cooking for yourself is an even bigger obstacle. How do you know when you’ve cooked chicken all the way through? How do you know if the noodles are cooked al dente?

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