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Fall fashion tips

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Fall fashion tips

With this past week’s weather dipping into cooler temperatures, it’s safe to say that summer is ending and autumn is approaching. 

Fashion for the first several weeks of the campus is pretty simple, as most students often opt for simple t-shirts and shorts. However, as the temperatures change, wearing short sleeves begins to be a bad idea.

Students across campus will need to adapt to the quick weather changes. Here are some clothing essentials everyone needs in their closet to survive the next several months. 


  1. Denim Jackets

Denim is a classic form of fabric that looks good in every form. However, denim jackets have taken many different forms in style, but they are more trendy than they have ever been before. An oversized jean jacket can be perfect to throw over a sweatshirt for an extra layer to class, or put over a dressier outfit for a game day. You truly can’t go wrong with the classic denim look. 


  1. Crewnecks sweaters

Crewneck sweaters are the perfect way to look like you know the trends with giving minimal effort. Did you just wake up and run to class in what you slept in or was this an amazing thrift find that you have been waiting to wear for days? That is a secret your crewneck sweater will never tell. Perfectly paired with a pair of jeans or under a denim jacket and guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly days. 


  1. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are a classic and simple clothing item that can make any outfit look better. You can wear a turtleneck below a t-shirt to make it perfect for streetwear. You can even wear a turtleneck with a blazer for a bold business attire look.


  1. Faux fur jackets


Oversized and uber-comfy-- two rules that our generation has been quick to follow when it comes to what is in style. A faux fur jacket is a great option to look stylish and with the trends, while also making sure you stay warm on a cold fall day. Whether it is a dressed-up trip to the pumpkin patch or to a casual study-session at the coffee shop, a faux fur jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit. 


  1. Chunky boots


Chunky boots, or also commonly known as platform boots, are bold, fun and have never been more relevant. They simultaneously stand out, yet serve as a subtle addition to any fall wardrobe. No matter you wear them with a sweater or a dress-- they are sure to add a bold dynamic to any fall fit. Pull those boots out of the back of your closet because it is officially time to bring them back.