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Dragonfly celebrates Pride Week in interstellar fashion

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Welcome, to Planet Drag

Cheryl Ann working it as one of the contestants.

Hundreds of people snaked around the Student Union, waiting for a seat at the Student Union Activities Board’s largest event.

Dragonfly, Oklahoma State University’s premiere drag show and competition, drew in a crowd that filled the Student Union Theater on Thursday night.

Sammy Jo McNally, SUAB’s cultural, arts and social issues director, said Dragonfly is meant to represent and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

“We have been doing Dragonfly 10-plus years with SUAB, and it has always been fun to incorporate and celebrate this for them,” McNally said. “We always bring fun themes to it, and we always go all out and make it the best possible.”

This year’s theme was Planet of Drag, complete with an interstellar entrance and balloon rockets that matched the out-of-this-world performances. There were three professional drag queens and six students who dressed up in drag and performed. Six student performers competed to be crowned the "Ruler of Planet Drag."

All of the proceeds from the event were donated to Freedom Oklahoma, a LGBTQ+ organization that support people in the community who are not supported by the people around them.

Geez Louise won the competition and was crowned "Ruler of Planet Drag."

“Drag is just a way to express my sexuality that I can’t in a normal everyday life,” Louise said, “It is a way for me to put my creative thoughts more productive and entertaining for people.”

Carmen Deveraux, the host of Dragonfly, said drag is more than just an artistic outlet.

“It’s a chance for me to showcase an avenue of different talents but also to celebrate gender and blend gender and art and theater all together,” Deveraux said.

“I think it gives everyone an opportunity to realize that self-expression is free and that you can really be anyone you want to be. In this time and age, it's time for our young people to stand up and not be afraid to be themselves.”