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"Death on the Nile”: The ups and downs of the new murder myster thriller

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Death on the Nile

If you need an excuse to go see a movie this weekend, look no further. “Death on the Nile” is a film about love, murder and everything in between. “Death on the Nile” is the latest film in the murder mystery genre, the experience was quite underwhelimg. 

There were some aspects of “Death on the Nile” that were well-crafted and genuinely enjoyable, while in other parts it simply felt dull and predictable.

One of the biggest flaws is undoubtedly the pacing of the story. Every story needs to have exposition to set up the future of the film, but with “Death on the Nile” it falls into the trap where it has such an abundance of setup that it must limp its way to the actual murder mystery. It feels like an incredibly sluggish start to an otherwise decent film.

Another place that the movie falters is that it tries so hard to be stylistic and smart, when it simply is not. There were a few shots where it was clear they were trying to make an artistic choice with the direction and cinematography, but it distracted from the story line. 

The film used colors well throughout the entirety. Whether it be in the sets, costume design or lighting, colors feel well used during the movie and in that way, the movie was successful.

The most important part about a murder mystery is just that, the mystery. Whenever the mystery is not written well, the whole film is put at stake. 

The mystery in “Death on the Nile” was not terrible per se, but it certainly did not leave much to the imagination. The mystery was cliche and predictable, while providing little detail.  

The explanation and grand reveal at the film felt cheap and basic, and the viewer is left still trying to find out if the solution they landed on is even really that logical.

Despite all of this, some aspects of the movie did not go unnoticed. Kenneth Branagh is the spine of “Death on the Nile” and truly carries the performances on his back. 

The supporting cast, which is quite loaded, has its standouts, with great moments from Sophie Okonedo in particular. Okonedo and Branagh steal each scene they are in and when they get to share a scene together, it is nothing short of a treat for the audience.

“Death on the Nile” is a film that struggles with a slow opening and tries too hard to be different, and is simply not a memorable movie. If given the opportunity to see it in theaters, go for it, but if you do not make it to the theater, you are not missing much. If you want to watch a murder mystery, “Death on the Nile” is not a bad choice, but there are better options out there that you should give a watch first. 

Final “Death on the Nile” Score: 6.5/10