COVID-19 Restaurant Guide


With health measures put in place, restaurants around Stillwater like The Hideaway have to provide take out options for patrons from delivery apps to curbside pickup. 

With certain health measures in place, many business are struggling. This includes Stillwater's restaurants, as they are faced with closing completely or only taking take out orders.

Below is an almost complete guide to all of Stillwater's restaurants, their current status and any information you might need when you want something different from the same boxed meal and your limited cooking repertoire.

ResturantStatusOptionsAddressPhone NumberApps
Arby'sOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery1016 N Boomer Rd Doordash Postmates
Bad Brad'sClosed    
Bayou BistreaxOpen w/ limited hours    
Boba Fusion CaféClosed    
Boomarang DinerOpenCurbside Pickup902 S Main St (405) 533-4040Postmates
Braum'sOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery504 N Perkins Rd,     2401 W 6th Ave Postmates
Buffalo Wild WingsOpenTake Out, Delivery1701 N Perkins Rd (405) 533-2356Doordash Postmates
Burger KingOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery107 N Perkins Rd Postmates
Café 88OpenTake Out, Delivery209 S Knoblock St (405) 624-8888Grubhub Postmates
Raising Cane's OpenDrive-Thru, Delivery317 N Perkins Rd(405) 372-2717Postmates
Cherokee Strip BBQOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery235 S Perkins Rd(405) 377-2244Grubhub
Chick-fil-aOpenDrive-Thru600 E Hall of Fame Ave Postmates
Chili'sOpenTake Out, Delivery310 E Hall of Fame Ave (405) 624-2100Doordash
China WokOpenTake Out, Delivery917 N Perkins Rd(405) 372-8881Grubhub Postmates
ChipotleOpenTake Out, Delivery415 E Hall of Fame Ave (405) 372-1642Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Coney IslandOpenTake Out, Delivery223 S Washington St (405) 743-1262 
Curty ShackOpenTake Out, Delivery402 S Washington St(405) 269-1165Doordash, Grubhub
DaVinci'sOpenTake Out, Delivery2280 N Perkins Rd(405) 372-0300Postmates
Dimino's OpenTake Out, Delivery1524 N Boomer Rd(405) 624-3030 
D's Down Home BBQOpenTake Out, Delivery823 W 11th Ave405-269-6255Postmates
El TapatioOpenTake Out, Delivery825 S Perkins Rd405-533-2064Doordash Postmates
Eskimo Joe'sClosed    
Firehouse SubOpen Take Out, Delivery524 W 6th Ave (405) 564-0544Doordash, Grubhub
Five GuysOpenTake Out, Delivery611 N Perkins Rd(405) 500-2025Doordash Postmates
Freddy'sOpenDrive-Thru1015 N Boomer Rd  
Fuzzy'sOpenTake Out, Delivery305 S Washington St(405) 564-0433Doordash Postmates
Golden ChickOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery116 E McElroy Rd Postmates
Golden DragonOpenTake Out, Delivery 203 S Perkins Rd(405) 707-9292Grubhub Postmates
Good Little EaterOpenTake Out106 W 10th Ave #1/2(405) 533-1280 
Granny's KitchenOpenTake Out, Delivery 701 S Main St(405) 743-1299Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Happy BuddhaClosed    
HideawayOpenTake Out, Delivery230 S Knoblock St (405) 372-4777Postmates
IHOPOpenTake Out, Delivery611 N Main St(405) 533-4467Doordash
Jack in the BoxOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery508 E Hall of Fame Ave Doordash Postmates
Jersey Mike's OpenTake Out, Delivery1717 N Perkins Rd Space B (405) 707-7031Doordash Postmates
Jimmy John'sOpenTake Out, Delivery217 S Washington St, 602 N Main St(405) 624-3278  (405) 372-7827 
Jimmy's EggOpenTake Out, Delivery811 W 6th Ave(405) 372-3447Postmates
Just Wafflin'OpenTake Out211 E McElroy Rd (405) 332-5548 
KFCOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery715 W 6th Ave Doordash  Grubhub Postmates
Little CeasarsOpenTake Out, Delivery713 N Perkins Rd (405) 624-5400Postmates
Louie's Closed    
Mayson GyroOpenTake Out, Delivery1911 N Boomer Rd (405) 332-5593Postmates
Mazzio'sOpenTake Out, Delivery624 W 6th Ave (405) 372-2222 
McAlister'sOpenTake Out, Delivery 205 E Hall of Fame Ave (405) 743-3700Doordash Postmates
McDonald'sOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery920 W 6th Pl St           110 W McElroy Rd Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Mexico Joe'sClosed    
Naana's Mexican KitchenOpenTake Out, Delivery132 S Main St(405) 332-4266Grubhub Postmates
NagoyaOpenTake Out, Delivery2260 N Perkins Rd (405) 372-7010Postmates
New ChinaClosed    
Nikki's GreekOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery610 E McElroy Rd(405) 624-3150Doordash
Nilima'sOpenTake Out, Delivery140 N Duck St(405) 612-2877Doordash Postmates
Nineteenth HoleClosed    
NookiOpenTake Out, Delivery405 S Washington St(405) 564-5130Grubhub Postmates
Olive GardenOpenTake Out2100 N Perkins Rd(405) 624-1225 
Palomino'sOpenTake Out, Delivery1919 N Perkins Rd(405) 533-3566Postmates
Panda ExpressOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery2080 N Perkins Rd(405) 707-0634Doordash Grubhub Postmates
PaneraOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery113 W Hall of Fame Ave (405) 385-0276Doordash
Papa John'sOpenTake Out, Delivery925 N Boomer Rd (405) 372-1600 
Pickleman's OpenTake Out, Delivery 321 S Washington St (405) 384-7171 
Pie FiveClosed    
Pizza HutOpenTake Out, Delivery807 N Perkins Rd      2601 W 6th Ave(405) 624-9200  (405) 707-7501 
Pizza InnOpenTake Out721 N Main St(405) 561-2662 
Pizza WestOpenTake Out, Delivery5601 W 6th Ave (405) 624-2270Grubhub Postmates
QdobaOpenTake Out, Delivery 139 S Knoblock St (405) 707-7153Doordash Postmates
Red LobsterOpenTake Out, Delivery102 E Hall of Fame Ave(405) 372-8970Doordash Postmates
Red Rock BackeryOpenTake Out, Delivery 910 N Boomer Rd (405) 377-3633Postmates
Rib CribOpenTake Out, Delivery103 S Perkins Rd(405) 372-1900Doordash
Ron's Hamburgers OpenTake Out, Delivery811 E 6th Ave (405) 377-7775Doordash
Sam's Southern EateryOpenTake Out, Delivery607 W 6th Ave #4558 (405) 332-4116Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Schlotzsky'sOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery310 N Perkins Rd(405) 624-0807Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Shortcake's DinerClosed    
Simple SimonsOpenTake Out, Delivery424 N Main St (405) 707-9222Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Slim ChickensOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery1011 N Boomer Rd (405) 372-2326Doordash Postmates
SonicOpenDrive-In, Drive-Thru215 N Main St              423 S Perkins Rd       4425 W 6th Ave  
SubwayOpenTake Out, Delivery1402 S Perkins Rd     2421 W 6th Ave St  
Sushi HouseOpenTake Out, Delivery1409 S Western Rd (405) 533-3399Postmates
Taco BellOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery821 N Perkins Rd Doordash Grubhub Postmates
Taco BuenoOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery 727 N Perkins Rd Postmates
Texas RoadhouseOpenTake Out2000 N Perkins Rd (405) 707-7427 
Thai CaféClosed    
Thai LocoOpenTake Out, Delivery2223 W 6th Ave (405) 332-4343Postmates
The GarageClosed    
Tokyo PotClosed    
Tropical Smoothie CaféOpenTake Out, Delivery1202 N Boomer Rd (405) 743-2929Doordash Postmates
Wendy'sOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery724 W 6th Ave St      2401 N Perkins Rd Doordash Grubhub Postmates
WhataburgerOpenDrive-Thru, Delivery1001 N Boomer Rd Postmates