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Coming Soon: Varsity Review!

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Varsity Review is a musical and dancing show put on by OSU’s Greek life each spring.

This year’s Varsity Review, or VR, show week is taking place April 7 through 10. Show directors from different affiliations across campus have been working hard to put together try-out performances, which took place February 21.

Executive show directors Alicia Young and Jonathan Cooper watched these shows and helped decide on the final show cast.

Alicia Young is a senior from Napa, California, who works as the executive productions director for VR. She works with the cast and directors from the different Greek houses.

“The best way to describe Varsity Review is like a series of mini-musicals,” Young said. “There are 10 casts made up of 26 participants. Usually, it is a fraternity paired with a sorority but this year we have a pairing of two sororities which I think is cool.”

Each cast will put on a 10-minute show composed of anywhere from 5-7 songs. In addition, each group makes up their own theme, story and costumes for their production.

Jonathan Cooper, a senior from Owasso, Oklahoma, enjoys being on steering because he gets to see how the casts progress in their productions throughout the semester.

“You watch these shows going from egg and flour to cake throughout the semester. You see the shows start from scratch and become the best that they can be and that is one of my favorite things about being on steering,” Cooper said.

Cooper is the Steering Executive Director. Steering is a bunch of different committees that work behind the scenes of the show. They do everything from ticket sales to weekly visits to the different casts.

“Jonathan and I can only do so much,” Young said. “Steering really is like our backbone.”

Young summed up the overall theme for this year’s VR with the term “circus vibes.” While there isn’t an official theme for the overall show, the different casts came up with lots of unique ideas.

“Quite a few casts went in a decades direction; I would say the 1950s to ‘90s. At tryouts we saw everything from tweed coats to plaid skirts and sweaters from the ‘70s,” Young said.

In the past couple of years, VR has also been working to raise money for philanthropy. This year they are working with The United Way of Payne County. Normally, there is another Greek show in the spring semester called “Spring Sing.” Due to COVID, this production was not able to take place, so VR is also taking over their philanthropy which is Coaches Versus Cancer.

“I’m excited to work with both of these really great organizations. Especially with COVID, the problems they support don’t go away, so it’s exciting for us to actually have an in-person show and have casts on stage to raise money,” Young said.

The casts will still be working the next couple of months to finalize their productions for the 92nd annual Varsity Review show this April.