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Best TV shows of 2022

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2022 proved to be a strong year for TV shows with the "Better Call Saul" series finale. Rhea Seehorn, left, starred as Kim Wexler and Bob Odenkirk, right, starred as Jimmy McGill in the show.

Ranking my five favorite shows of the past year makes this one of the hardest articles

I’ve ever had to write. With shows such as “House of the Dragon” and “Barry” being fantastic, but

not quite making the cut, that’s how you know it’s been a good year for us binge-watchers.

‘Stranger Things’

While “Stranger Things” faltered in its previous seasons, its fourth season was an ambitious return to form.

With a massive budget, sprawling story and insane visuals for television standards, this season felt more like a 12-hour movie rather than a show. This show’s iconic “Running Up That Hill” scene brought Kate Bush back into the limelight and made me cry several times. This was an excellent season of television. The show is streaming on Netflix.


If you told me this was going to be one of my favorite shows this year, I would’ve laughed at you.

Despite this, I can confidently say that “Andor” absolutely rocks. It’s a dark and gritty look at the Star Wars universe with a hopeful core, brilliant acting, excellent set design and production value.

“Andor” earns its spot in the pantheon of Star Wars media. The show is streaming on Disney+.


An obscure, but fantastic pick.

Since Ben Stiller’s “Severance” is stuck on Apple TV, not many people have been able to enjoy this fantastic show. The show’s dystopian concept is too complex to explain in a few words, but rest assured it is the liminal, fever dream nightmare that will become your next obsession. Please try to equally enjoy each episode.


These final two picks come down to the wire for me.

"Succession"’s third season falls slightly short of its masterful second season, but is still one of the finest TV shows I’ve seen. I normally wouldn’t describe a show as Shakespearean, but this shows structure, wit and fantastic dialogue reminds me of nothing more. Whether you want to laugh at sad rich kids, or enjoy an intriguing story of betrayal and trauma, “Succession” is sure to meet your every expectation.

‘Better Call Saul’

It is with no exaggeration I say that “Better Call Saul” is my favorite show of all time.

The first few seasons are slow, and in some cases, there is no payoff to certain plotlines until the end. However, I’ve never seen a show get me this invested before. The final episodes of this series are pure perfection, and Rhea Seehorn and Bob Odenkirk make perhaps the finest acting duo in recent memory. Iconic, funny, devasting and engaging. I can’t find enough words to explain just how much I love this show.

At the end of the day, “Better Call Saul” is a story of humanity and morality under the guise of a “Breaking Bad” spinoff and it deserves every award in the world.

While this was a great year for shows, 2023 is looking great as well with shows such as “The Last of Us” and “The Mandalorian” coming in the following months.