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Best study spots in town: students share their favorite study locations

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Best study spots in town

Finals are coming soon and the semester is ramping up. These study spots are a great place to focus and relax. 

With finals just around the corner, several students shared their favorite places in Stillwater and the OSU campus to hit the books.

Some students like to study on campus at places like the library or their dorm. In other cases, students prefer going to local Stillwater coffee shops or similar spots.

Mikayla Doty is a sophomore majoring in Public Health and Sociology. She enjoys studying at The Oak. The Oak is a shake and tea bar that serves smoothies, shakes, teas and a few coffees.

“The energy of The Oak is something that makes it a great place to study. I don’t get tired when I study there,” Doty said. 

Another popular study spot is Aspen Coffee, specifically the location in Fountain Square on Western Road. 

Jordan Anders likes to hang out at this Aspen, often with a group of friends. Anders is a junior majoring in early childhood education.

“I like how Aspen is a place where I know I can always run into familiar faces,” Anders said. “The coffee is a definite plus, but I enjoy the atmosphere the most. It makes it easy to sit down and work for hours if that’s something I need to do.”

Although the Aspen in Fountain Square seems to be a favorite for studying, all the Aspen Coffee locations are popular places to go. 

Balanced Coffee is also a popular, local coffee shop in Stillwater for doing schoolwork or just for hanging out.

Ivy Scharlach is a senior majoring in Psychology whose favorite place to study is Balanced Coffee. 

“I love Balanced Coffee for studying because it has an all-around great atmosphere, plenty of different areas to study alone or with friends, and in my opinion, the best coffee in town,” Scharlach said.

In addition to local coffee and tea shops, many students enjoy studying in the buildings on campus. Students spend time in the library, Nancy Randolph Davis building or the Student Union. On days with nice weather, people can be found working on schoolwork outside. 

Kelly Lewis is a sophomore majoring in biosystems engineering who enjoys to study outdoors when she has the opportunity. 

“I like to study at the circle of benches outside Bennett Hall because it is far enough from the entrance that no one walks through it and being outside to study keeps me away from distractions,” Lewis said. 

On the other hand, some students prefer studying in their own space. Keegan Cook is a student whose favorite place to study is his own home. Cook is a sophomore majoring in industrial engineering. 

“I like to study at home because when I get tired I can just take a nap on my couch then get back to it,” Cook said. 

With the end of the semester drawing near, many of these study spaces will be filled with hard-working students preparing for finals. Whether that is on campus, at home, or one of the local coffee shops, many places throughout Stillwater offer great study environments.